The Isle of Wight’s brand new Diamond Races may have been postponed until 2022 but could this setback help inform changes to them in the future. Most people don’t realise that the transportation of participants and spectators, the traffic management, and preparation of the course takes months of planning. But could there be an online Diamond Races? After all, it’s worked for other industries who have migrated traditional concepts online. What would that look like – and how have other industries shown it could work?

Online Casino

The online casino industry – as its name suggests – is a prime example of a traditional industry finding success by moving to an online platform. It was a large feat, transforming classic casino games to an online version that would excite players and create adequate tension. But the industry was able to achieve this. Games such as poker and roulette have been given live version makeovers so players can still see their dealers.

Other games, such as the Spin and Win live game at Paddy Power, have been adapted from other forms of game. The Wheel of Fortune game has been around for centuries and finding a home among other online casino titles has helped the game find a new audience. Indeed, the success online casinos have found in a digital space could help the Diamond Races try something new. Technology exists so that people can spectate from home and half the planning can be cut back.

Real Estate

One of the first things that prospective house buyers do when they locate a property they like is to go for a viewing. But increasingly these viewings don’t have to take place in person. Virtual viewings allow buyers to view properties all around the UK and beyond without leaving home. Of course, buying a house entails more than just what the property looks like, but initial virtual viewings can help cull the list of potential properties, saving both buyer and estate agent time, effort, and money.

The idea of being able to effectively stream what a house may look like to an audience could be used by the Diamond Races. Riders could wear helmets that live stream their progress and cameras could be set up throughout to allow people to feel as though they are there. There is widespread video footage planned already, but this could be improved for a wholly digital show.

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Spectators could even enter simulations where it feels as though they are riding in the Diamond Races themselves. The use of VR technology could give the impression that those watching are actually taking part. This may not be for everyone but could give a modern twist to the classic race.

It’s disappointing to miss an annual event but this could help inspire some changes for the future. While nobody is suggesting that the races should be scrapped and they should do it all online, organisers could take greater influence from digital methods to deliver a more immersive experience. The races would go ahead as planned but would simply have elements of technology to enable people to engage with them better.

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