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The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus on the Isle of Wight now stands at 8, according to the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

Maggie Oldham, Cheif Executive of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, has announced this morning (Wednesday) that overnight the number of confirmed cases has risen sharply from 3 to 8 – although the official figures from Public Health England won’t be released until this evening.

Although the number of confirmed cases is relatively low, it doesn’t mean that there are no other cases within the community with individuals self-isolating and recovering at home without being tested.

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Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive of Isle of Wight NHS Trust, has said:

“At the moment the number of cases on the Isle of Wight remains relatively low compared to much of the country. But this will change and we are expecting more people to become unwell as a result of coronavirus.

“Public Health England will announce the confirmed cases on the Isle of Wight but in the last 24 hours we have seen five people in our care confirmed as having coronavirus.

“We are doing everything possible to prepare and we ask the public to help us by following the Government’s instruction to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.”

Patients are currently being treated in an isolation ward at St Mary’s Hospital with the NHS using the as-was stroke unit for such purposes.

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As of 09:00 on 24th March 2020, 8,077 people have been confirmed as having coronavirus. 422 patients have died nationally to date. No deaths have taken place on the Isle of Wight.

For the latest information on coronavirus here on the Isle of Wight visit

Symptoms of coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature
  • a cough
  • shortness of breath

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu. Research shows it takes, on average, around 5 days for symptoms to start showing.

If you are worried that you might have coronavirus

  • Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people, especially older or vulnerable people
  • Call NHS 111 or use the online service – you will be asked questions and given advice
  • You should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or St Mary’s Hospital without checking with NHS 111

How to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell
  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean


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Here we go!!! See ya in few weeks lads! I’m guna have a well tidy shed soon!!

West wighter

And most are from the yatchclub in Yarmouth
Dfts coming down

Charli 78

Golly as in monarch of the glen think there a few sheds Youd more than welcome to stay in lol


Tip is shut, you will have to fill the other shed with the junk you have cleared from the first.

Opinions Matter

Haaaaa Haaaaaaa!!!! Excellent comment Seay


If everybody stayed it it wouldn’t fecking spread! “Oh let’s go for a walk because the weather is good” even though we have been asked to stay in unless we have to go out! MUPPETS!!!


Well said mate!! I still know people popping out to see family!! Stupid!!


Doug you poor thing, that’s not what you’ve been told. Instructions were quite clear “you can go for a walk. Carry out normal exercise on your own or with members of your household”
I bet your teacher told you many times to pay more attention eh!

Kenneth Higham

Sorry but better to stay in than go out, only because I don’t want the virus or die.

Kyri Faulkner

Couldn’t have said it it better myself stay in side and stay safe ppl


Then how did Harvey Weinstein get it?


Yet buses are putri dishes


Come on bob let’s get this island locked down before the whole island is infected let’s deal with what we have and keep it that way….close down all building work I’ve seen work sites with workman just carrying on as normal…. groups of kids on ryde sea front last night

Natasha brookes

And factories are still open all of them. They can’t practise social distancing in those environments yet are still open as usual??


Yeah! Also who is ever actually going to buy their products if corona virus is going around?


Yep i work in one. Only measurement taken was to spread us out along our work areas but people are still standing right next to each other in conversation and walking right next to each other, including supervisors. People sitting next to each other on breaks and having to share and pass work around with most not even wearing gloves. Meanwhile 99% of top management are working from home for their own safety!


Too late now Nige…..I’ve been saying for weeks they should stop the ferries. Seely missed his chance and now we’re doomed!

Joanne Newnham

Well said I met people on the beach had come from Yorkshire


Well done you


We were doomed as soon as bob came in lol

Richard Kenward

It is still not too late to STOP people from coming to the island. Yes of course we need vital supplies but NOT this virus. It would be so easy to stop people putting us all at risk.


Several Islands similar to our own have restricted ferry passengers to commercial vehicles and returning residents but our ferry operators are unable to do this. Questioning passengers is apparently outside the legal scope of the duties of crews or office staff. I will make enquiries of other ferry operators to find out how they do it and will pass this info. on.


Debby don’t u find that the iow government seam so laid back bout everything

Rattle my cage

What are you doing out on ryde seafront then ?

Opinions Matter

Yes I agree Nige. Too soft, too late I’m afraid. Should have had entire UK in lockdown 3 weeks ago. Instead the government were saying they were trying to contain the virus until summer! Really, what planet are these politicians on, not this one that’s for sure. Anyone found out on the street should be fined heavily, £300, £400 some might say more. I saw 2 little kids out on their own along Sandown seafront, no sign of their parents. Some people on IOW just don’t seem to understand the seriousness of this virus.

Betty S

This is getting worse! Please stay in people and keep safe.


Going to get bad here, each of these people could have been spreading for the last two weeks. And with all the people ignoring advice I am sure it’s been well spread about. If a relative dies from this that you can in contact with whilst ignoring advice then you are probably to blame.


Well that’s not good. Question is…. how bad are the people? Are they really unwell OR just gonna be sent home for quarantine? Anyone have any inkling?

Phil Stat

Really difficult to tell. I know family and friends with colds and they are questioning is it the coronavirus, even though their symptoms are consistent with regular cold. I think anyone who fells unwell is automatically asking, have I got it. That’s why they’re queuing long in New York. Without testing, just guesswork. Better safe than sorry.


They appear to be only testing people that require hospital care. There are most likely many people that have it that are self isolating.

Sandra Crump

Please stop all unessential travel to IOW. This means no tourists second home owners. Ferry companies need to do more. Which part of stay in do people not understand All the idiots at the week end will start kicking in soon

Janet Taplin

I agree wholeheartedly = STOP STOP STOP the visitors
Why don;t we petition Bob Seely as he will now have 4 weeks on the Island to listen to us

Janet Taplin

Can anyone with the knowhow start this petition urgently

Abraham Philips

Plz do so immediately. Its a disaster going to happen

Opinions Matter

I contacted Bob Seely with my concerns re shutting the island to visitors, only allowing the ferries to bring essential supplies, key workers etc to the island. Trouble is, now it’s too late, he should have asked parliament sooner to put IOW in lockdown. Bob is all for the second home owners coming here, they have money, the Tories like people with money. The truth is, this virus will infect people with £200 in their bank account or people with £200,000, it does not discriminate. All small islands around the UK and Scottish mainland should have been isolated weeks ago.… Read more »


£200 or £200k, THAT is the ONLY reason that the Government are panicking about this virus, as for once, their ilk cannot quite so easily buy their way out of this disaster.

You can be sure if it were ‘just the plebs’ effected, then few measures would be taken to avoid the spread if it ‘cost’ them money.


I work in a supermarket it’s still busy. People use to go shopping once a week, now it seems to be everyday. The food caddies are over flowing cos people are throwing away more food cos out of date. The island is full of half wits


Are the shelves still empty?
Been staying away to ease the pressure but running low now so will have to visit soon and need to know if I’m going to have to plan repeat trips.


Close down the caravan sites that are full with tourists from London and the mainland bringing it over here .


Parkdean have closed all of their holiday parks. All owners also told to leave.

Joe Soap

Potentially more blood on the hands of the official I.O.W. tourism website?… (yes, you have updated your facebook page to discourage visitors – thankyou – now you need to do the same with your website please to save more lives – what are you waiting for? – better too little too late than nothing at all…) The official Isle of Wight Tourism website is STILL encouraging people to visit the island. Yes, they have published all the current Government guidelines on social distancing, essential travel only etc. BUT they then publish ALL the current ferry timetables and announce the following… Read more »


Welcome Londoners. And thank you very much.


Why welcome Londoners? Are you seriously that much of knob head. I’m originally from London and often have my sisters children come stay with me, I will now not see them for months because of this virus. We are being sensible as don’t want it here on the island. Don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush.


One irresponsible DFL in Shanklin advertising air b n b ‘come self isolate with me a week ago pure greed no regard for oveoading local services


Just look at the people still out there / working
Gkn is this essential ?
Gardeners surely not but they are
Island roads possibly some work
Builders surely not but government shi**ing on self employed no help and still saying for construction to carry on bloody stupid .
We as an island our own council should step in and close the island of non essential movement ,all they seem interested in is the floating bridge pathetic


Bob see key and council need to step in now two members of my family still working they’ve been told to go in to non essential jobs. Can’t say no or they face sack! Or no money. Wrong. Employers must take responsibility.




Trucast are also still open. Not essential so should close


Only GKN production workers with children are off on full pay, if you don’t have children you are expected to work with NO PPE or minimal working isolation space . GKN Office staff also appear to be off fully paid. Discrimination to their staff disgraceful.

Dawn Sherratt

If anyone is defined as disabled under the terms of the Equalities Act 2010 the current crisis does not free the employers of their obligation to make reasonable adjustments.
So if something is needed to keep you safe and healthy under these terms then ask for it. Document your request. This info. last night from a trusted Disability Law professional. Can cite source if needed.

There are some dreadful employers around. I know of one already being taken to Disability Discrimination Hearing and still treating his staff like cannon fodder!!


I totally agree. As usual people are just looking after themselves, and everybody else is expected to put themselves at risk. If the company were making respirators it would be ok, but close the company please for all, this is not essential work.


too little action, too late. we now people that have left London and the surrounding area to head here to their holiday homes, people coming over in their camper vans and the hotels are taking people in. Utterly selfish behaviour from them all, it will spread like wild fire through our community and the 6 ventilators we have at St. Marys is not going to be enough. Triage at St Marys in week one of lock down.

Janet Taplin

If you read the statement from the PM hotels are supposed to be CLOSED unless they have permanent residents or key workers but he never mentioned this in his address to the nation
Come on you politicians get something don for our Island and STOP STOP STOP visitors


yes, supposed to be closed, but we know differently!


People having holiday homes in the first place is selfish Rob, look at the amount of homeless on the streets. Still I suppose in a lot of people’s eyes this pandemic will have a good side eh!


None of them will be going to Parkdean Resorts parks. Everyone, including owners are gone. No touring Van’s either


Little do you know. Most Holiday home owners are staying put even the Government has stated that people can stay if it is inappropriate to go to their main residence.
Just remember that it is tourism that keeps the Island ticking over and not completely dying. You cannot have your cake and eat it


They’re all selfish they’re only here for one reason to escape the cities.
Where do the government say stay where you are? If that was the case we wouldn’t have them all here. They’re still coming over on ferries with no questions asked. Complete madness and our council and mp allow it. Remember this when you’re voting next time

Joe Soap

FYI – Government has also stated that tourism is suspended (essential travel only) at this moment in time ‘tourism’ is a killer…


This is just the tip of the iceberg, with all the second home owners coming over here in the last week it will get worse and worse. We should have locked down the ferries much sooner!


Too many escaping to the Island, but bringing this vile disease with them. All those in Uni have returned home, and many second home owners escaping the soon to happen looting, rioting and mayhem in inner cities.

One can’t ‘blame’ them, but they can’t blame us NOT wanting them here.

Problem is, they want their cake and eat it to, by earning the high wages and great lifestyle in the City but don’t want to tolerate the feral beings that destroy and make such situations worse, not being the same as others.

Wendy Mitchell

I think we need to shut down people coming to 2nd homes and others who don’t live on Island.


Surely this should be happening we are supposed to be in lockdown!


A big thank you to all those 2nd home owners who escaped London in order to help spread the virus.


Why the shock at the increase we all know it has been on the island since nov/dec.
Giving out numbers is pointless and inaccurate .
Two of my neighbours had it three weeks ago stayed at home and are now recovered, two of there
friends are now at home isolating with it. None of these are counted so probably it is all over the Island.

Shanklin Steve

I simply cannot believe that the ferry companies have not been told to only allow freight to be carried across. I heard stories of people coming over in a day return to do their shopping here then off back home! Sad times for all but it needs a strong hand to control what is going on, on our lovely island. I hope it’s not the case of too little too late!


My hubby works for GKN military. This morning he has been told ( and others) that it’s not essential travel so he and the others are not allowed to use the floating bridge. We are following the guidelines as much as we can. But the Isle of Wight won’t back down on this. The company will not pay their wages if they take themselves out of their jobs. This to me is grossly unfair.


If it’s not classified as essential travel how the hell can gkn justify still operating as nothing is wrong doing non essential work , next to nhs they are probable biggest employer running 24 hr shift work a recipe for disaster here

Reika Kitami

Get your swimming gear on then?
If he’s military it’ll be nothing to him??


Yet no news on the festival being cancelled yet. These new cases are guaranteed to be ‘holiday home’ people. Talk about selfish. I bet the Island isn’t good enough for them in the winter. Seriously what is it going to take to make people realise that this is to protect themselves to stay in.


I fear the worst, with an R0 OF 2.5, 5 extra people over 7 days=75+ actual cases at best.
its now time to take action, St Marys will not cope, if we think Italy and Spain are bad; I dread what the next three weeks holds for us on the Island.


We should have done what Spain have done. Cars are being checked and if they found the occupants were going to second homes they were turned back. This could have been done at ferry ports to protect our Island .

Gaz B.Sc.

Police are asking people why they are out if they see them, why aren’t they asking visitors at the ferry ports why they they are coming here and why they are not obeying the lock down like we are expectected to do. The 5 new cases must have been brought here by the droves of visitors that came here over the weekend. No point making a lock down for us if the dangers of people bringing it here are left unlocked.


Looking on the positive side the visitors coming to the island in droves are more likely to suffer from the virus .Serves them right !!!


Yes but it’ll spread to us cos they won’t isolate

Reika Kitami

Hopefully they’ll spend some of their money on the Island economy


We may as well all carry on as normal for all the good this lockdown is doing! Everyone seems to make their own decisions . It’s a disgrace. Employers stop putting money above health. Let your workers stay at home with their families

Glen Stoddart

We can’t get the police to check people at the ferry ports. There is not enough police officers on the island to cope normally never mind with this. Still positive is burglary cases will drop as people will be home. Will get figures down and look good.


Down From London
Cheers, I hope they triple your council tax to help pay for your [email protected]@k up.
Everyone who has a second home next to them stay well clear. It’s happening in west country also.

Joanne Newnham

Well done I of Man wtf I of Wight a lot of people here believe we had this Nov/Dec and its now increasing because of self minded people who have decided to swamp the island put more strain on our hospital our food supplies our services yes that’s right 1HOSPITAL


Why is everyone pointing the finger of blame on tourists and holiday home families, what about islanders who are still travelling back and forth to the mainland to work and most of them work in London so stop being so bloody blinkered. The point is, the virus is here, we have been told what to do but the majority of people have this, don’t care attitude and still visit family and friends and then have the audacity to blame visitors to the island. Get a grip everyone, do as you have been asked to do by the government and hopefully… Read more »


Islanders travelling to work is not the same as holidaying yes it will all have same outcome but the difference is choice! Some have to travel but everyone should be challenged


I agree but the virus doesnt choose who’s on holiday and who lives on the island so i cant really see your point, if somebody has the virus it gets carried and passed onto the next person challenged or not. There are a lot of ignorant and selfish people on the island and i dont mean holiday makers, these are islanders going about their business as usual and some parents even treating the school closures as school holidays allowing their kids to go out and mix and meet up at parks etc. 5 of my family are key workers 2… Read more »


And now the government are talking about releasing prisoners……….

Still deluded

Time for reality check 50% have most probably had it and not known about it. The death rate will be 0.2 to 0.5% 98% of these will over 70 99% of these would of had an underlying health condition If we lock down completly it will spread as soon as we go out normally again This lock down is to the give the NHS time If we lock down too long the impact on mental health & people in general would cause deaths You can ot rebuid if you have no economy or its in ruins & finslly the cure… Read more »

Joe Soap

I just phoned the official I.O.W. website and spoke to a lady there who listened to what I had to say about the website. She was sympathetic to the points I made but could not guarantee the website would be altered… My main points were: * yes – there is a ‘Coronavirus info’ web page giving current Government advice e.g. essential travel only but – * access to this info page is on the home page which is many pages long ‘suggesting’ the island is currently open to tourists * on the ‘Coronavirus info’ page itself, there is information recommending… Read more »

Joe Soap

In short, the official I.O.W. tourism website is saying ‘The Government has told you not to come here, but if you choose do disregard this order and come here anyway, our website gives you all you need to know about how to get here during the emergency, what to do here during the emergency and how to get fed here during the emergency’.

Joe Soap

I see that the official I.O.W. tourism website has changed some of it’s content – thankyou – interestingly the changes are dated yesterday, rather than today when they were actually made…

Dawn Sherratt

They seem to be giving out a mixed message, hoping not to offend anyone. In fact, that just exasperates the local community.

Biker boy

I work for a cleaning company and they have still got to work


To those on here wanting to spread fear and panic – well done, you’ve succeeded so well that my wife was in tears at the thought of having to go out to get food today because we’re nearly out of it. (There are no online shopping slots and, unlike some others we didn’t panic buy) Not everyone you see outside is a self-centred moron – some may just be taking their daily exercise or trying to get food – As the guidelines clearly allow. They might even be doing something that keeps other people alive – I don’t carry around… Read more »


Sorry to hear about ya Mrs Martin. Times are strange and everyone needs to help and support each other. That’s how people coped in the second world war. It was part of being British.
No matter what colour or religion, rich or poor you are, Help each other.
Last week people were smiling and greeting each other, now people are in fear of everyone. Calm down and use common sense. None of us wants this virus.
Oh and please donate to the food banks people.


Some are well practised in helping themselves, and whilst many ‘question’ second home owners coming here, few DARE question all the illegals arriving in boats daily into our country adding to our burden and risk, and forcing many to move away from such places where they settle, thus adding to our overcrowding, poverty, and crime with disease now to contend with to.


Well said


Thanks Ang

Mike Oxechee


Derek Nicoll

You ain’t seen nothing yet brothers and sisters.


Well I have fully adhered to the lockdown and decided to redecorate my entire house, getting the kids involved too working out if we can move certain bits of furniture to certain spaces ect, and it doesnt have to cost a lot I am a single mother and have used things in the house and brought a tub of white paint for 7.50 before the lock down as we all knew it was coming, just stay in people, go out only for essential items keep washing them dirty little hands and stay away from other people it really is that… Read more »



Stay at home

I despair. It doesn’t take a genius to see what would happen on the Island if they continue letting people come over here. Only provisions should have been brought in on the ferries. Problem is the difference between us and Isle of Man is they are independent, this Island is seen as just part of the mainland but not joined. and often treated as a joke by the rest of the country, full of chavs, unintelligent,, simple minded etc, and really owned by the mainland. We have no say in anything, because, as always money counts more than anything, and… Read more »

Janet Taplin

Would anyone like to start an online petition to get visitors prevented fron visiting the Island at the moment
This is urgent


The whole country is in so called lockdown what do people not understand about that? NO unnecessary travel. The government should step in and sort the ferries out its all about money for them and backhanders

D smith

We should’ve isolated the island last week,kept the boat for supplies/important hospital appointments etc yet as per usual the ferry companies put there profits before islanders health,still been getting coach trips turn up last week,madness!!! There idea of stopping it is allowing u to sit in your vehicle on a crossing to halt the spread!! Big bad Bob seeley should’ve stepped in and shut them down,maybe showed some backbone and enforced it but unfortunately as with prior MPs the ferry companies has some kind of hold on them,should hold there heads in shame!!


If Guernsey can do it why can’t we ? Shut the ferries down to everyone apart from food & medical freight. COME ON BOB SEELY & DAVE STEWART DO IT NOW ! YOU’LL BECOME LEGENDS ON THE ISLAND !


Bob seeley has gone quiet. Not surprised. He’s doing nothing for us

Opinions Matter

It had to happen eventually, increase in C V infections. I wonder how many are NON ISLANDERS? Over here for an extended ‘jolly’ and bought it with them


Cargo yes, passenger should only be for key workers
I can not believe the shere ignorance of the ferry companies that this is continuing
Noone wants the ferries to continue why is it allowed to go on


Nobody is listening. Disgraceful. We are sitting ducks here. I feel so sorry for our nhs workers .

Miss Nursey

It makes my blood boil thinking of stupid Northerners coming down here spreading their germs, why why why !


Kind of tempted to get my tent and stove and disappear up the downs for a few months.


OMG, you are not Welsh are you? Lots of sheep up there.


I’m a care worker and Take every precaution to protect myself and the people I visit and others but driving between the people I visit and care for I really can’t believe the things I see firstly I’ve seen god’s knows how many empty buses why have southern vectis got so many drivers out? Builders construction workers everywhere like nothing going on all grouped up chatting! Worst of all about 14 rambler pensioners all kitted up going off on jolly at brook. The national trust has closed all car parks but now you have loads of cars dumped on the… Read more »


Death will cure stupidity,


Agree 200% I’ve seen endless empty buses and stupid people saying but I’m allowed out for a walk! Yes alone . They just don’t get it

Joe Blogs

Will the authorities please let us know the approximate location of these cases and other new cases so that we may avoid going there.

Joe Soap

I can tell you the exact location – it’s the Isle of Wight


What does it matter where they are from, for every 1 person that contracts it without knowing infects 3 those 3 then infect another 3 each and so it goes on so the poor people that have it may have visited anywhere on the island and mainland unbeknowing to them infecting others as they go. Stay at home is the advice and should be adhered to, your not guaranteed 100% safety but at the moment thats all you have and stop getting paranoid as to where people come from as it matters not.

Gill Matthews

WHY oh WHY are the boats still bringing people from the mainland ?????? this Island would be kept safe if they only stopped. We have only ONE hospital, which is at breaking point, so why are people coming over. And what are they bringing. THIS HAS TO STOP.


One could ask the very same question as to the boat load of illegals being allowed into the UK, many of whom will have this disease and slip away, spreading this throughout the areas they choose to inflict themselves upon.

Electronic monitors should be on every likely landing beach and these people should be returned back to wherever their dna shows they originated from, eventually, even they would ‘get the message’.

Joe Soap

I have just emailed Wightlink to ask them if they are doing any checks on their passengers i.e. asking is their journey ‘essential’.
Here is a link to their contact webpage should you want to ask similar questions (which I hope you do). I suggest you click on ‘send us your feedback’.

Joe Soap

FYI – I’ve just had a look at the Red Funnel website and amongst other things they state that while they are actively discouraging non-essential travel, they have not been instructed by the Government to question passengers on the purpose of their journey and have no legal powers to do so.


Seaview full of DFL’s ignoring order to stay at primary residence beggars belief

Janet Taplin

I hoped that someone would respond and set up a petition
Come on someone must be able to do this,. WE MUST STOP THE INFLUX OF PEOPLE

Joe Soap

The situation regarding ferry travel to the island looks like this – the ferry companies are there to provide a service, which they are doing. The ferry companies have no powers or instructions to check passengers’ reasons for travel.The only person who can have any control over who travels here (or who doesn’t travel here) is the Prime Minister (UK Government). The only way of checking that ferry passengers’ journeys are ‘essential’ would be the police (just as they have the legal power to disperse a gathering of people). That’s not going to happen because there aren’t the resources to… Read more »


To protect us all especially the old and vunrable as these people make up bast majority of the residents people like visit-iw, hotels, southern vectis , the council and ferry companies should be discouraging people from visiting yes it’s going against all thier prinsiples but hopefully discouraging people who in fact should not be visiting at all due to the lockdown!! they should update thier websites with a warning message informing the people who intend ignoring any government advice that they should not be travelling unless it’s absolutely essential. Ferries should be reduced to freight and essential travel only everyone… Read more »

Joe Soap

‘Ferries – everyone boarding should be checked with thermo gun and asked about their travel and turned away if they intend to go on a jolly’

The ferry companies haven’t the legal power to do this – but this may change in the coming weeks…?

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