A talented computer animation student from the Isle of Wight is sharing his latest work, entitled Keith, Supreme Master of Magic’, with a world wide audience.

21-year-old Chester Sampson, who grew up in Ryde and attended Sandown Bay Academy, is studying Computer Animation at Bournemouth University and has just submitted his final major project.

Working with fellow students Alex Strickland and Rachel Frost, the short animation took around 7 months to produce.

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Chester said:

“We intended to make a fun, entertaining short that took influence from classic cartoons such as the Road Runner shorts in Looney Tunes, and Tom and Jerry.

“The initial idea was simple: a struggling magician is hired to make a forever crying baby laugh for a cash reward. However, throughout the process of creating the short the story was developed and altered and the magician’s new goal was to gain respect rather than money. We did this so that the baby’s character could be in direct contrast with the magician, being stubborn, unresponsive, and manipulative to achieve the best comedic result. This idea was again inspired by those classic cartoons that I grew up with as their characters would often have polar opposite personalities”.

Following the completion of his university degree Chester is hoping to begin his career working on new and exciting animated projects for film or TV.

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