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The owner of a classic MG MGB GT is appealing for information about a collision on Tuttons Hill in Gurnard last night, which saw her car badly damaged by a hit and run driver.

Leah Rumble has taken to social media to help identify the vehicle – and ultimately the driver – behind the crash.

It is thought the suspect vehicle is a Seat as car parts left behind at the scene confirmed the manufacturer. It is likely that the vehicle – possibly a Seat Leon – has damage to the front passenger side.

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As well as damaged car parts at the scene, another piece was found in Church Road, Gurnard indicating the direction of travel of the hit and run driver.

Leah fears that the car is now a write-off.

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Low life people


I’ve been walking my dog early before everyone comes out. And the speed people are driving is shocking. They have got a lot faster and more lightly to jump red lights. We need the army to help enforce the lock down so that the police can get the people taking advantage of the situation to drive very fast.

Old bean

Another scum probably drunk or no insurance tax etc


I hope they catch the little s**t that has done this to the ladies car….he probably has no insurance etc and she will have to fork out for it herself

Fred Bloggs

It’s not old enough!

Stan Dupright

Reika – Reflective number plates were introduced in 1973. This MGB was registered around 1978 so would have been fitted with reflective plates when new.
Please refrain from commenting with utter nonsense if you don’t want to appear brainless.

R Sole

The car isn’t old enough to qualify for a ‘black&silver’ numberplate

R Sole

A 1978 registered car has to apply for ‘Historic’ tax class to be able to have ‘black’ number plates. If she had done that then she would indeed be classed as a ‘poseur’


Let’s hope the parts of the Seat that were left behind will identify the idiotic and unfit to drive criminal

Reika Kitami

Could have very well been a medical episode?
Isn’t that what you sheeple bleat during accidents?

Brian d

Hope they catch the culprit but if the classic car was facing into oncoming traffic on its side of the road afterdark im pretty certain thats illegal which also comes with a fine……The car owners insurance claim maybe a problem aswell..
If anyone knows diffrent please post….

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