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A car has come off the road and rolled onto its roof on The Downs near Duxmore this afternoon (Thursday).

Emergency services are on scene and traffic is building as a result of the incident, which occurred at just before 16:30.

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service are said to be responding to the incident.

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UPDATE @ 16:56 – Police have closed The Downs between the Hare and Hounds pub at Downend and the junction with Lime Kiln Shute near Newchurch.

A yellow Kia Picanto has come off the carriageway and has rolled onto its roof in a field. It appears to have been travelling towards Ryde.

No one is trapped inside the vehicle, but firefighters from Newport are assisting paramedics with moving at least 2 individuals to the awaiting ambulance.

No other vehicles are thought to be involved.

UPDATE @ 17:05 – An elderly male and female – and a third individual – are now in the care of the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service. Thankfully, their injuries are not serious and they are being described as walking wounded. They are expected to be conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital as a precautionary measure.

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The road remains closed at this time but is not likely to be closed for an extended period.

Traffic on the main Newport to Sandown road is backed up from the airport to Hale Common, according to reports.

UPDATE – The road has now re-opened.

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Glad they’re ok


Glad to hear they’re OK,
but if they can’t drive along a straight, easy, piece of road without driving off the side of it,.. should they be driving at all ?


Pre judging ? Maybe they swerved to avoid something….But as you say, easy bit of road at the right speed….


Yes,. I did think I was perhaps pre judging it ,.. but the article did say “No other vehicles are thought to be involved”, so wasn’t ‘forced off the road’ & IMHO, if you can’t avoid other road hazards, without leaving the carriageway then you’re not driving within your capabilities & so my question is still valid.
…of course there is the posibilty of mechanical failure, but the car looks fairly new, & is statistically unlikely.

West Wighter



Shouldn’t judge – it could have been a medical episode which can happen to ANYONE, anytime, and place!!

none given

all the tyres appear inflated, no other users, side of road plants aren’t ripped apart with tyre treads- seems to me like they slowly
pulled over to the side of the road to take in the view, stop and take pictures or something else completely innocent and didn’t realise that the drop off began so close to the edge of the road. Once they had pulled over and the front wheel was no longer on firm ground, it is easy to see how it rolled over.


well actually the plants on the verge were damaged, you just can’t see in in that photo and if “they slowly pulled over to the side of the road to take in the view, stop and take pictures”,.. on the wrong side of the road? just short of a blind brow of a hill, on a fast road with a 60 limit,.. well they certainly shouldn’t be driving if they do that sort of thing it seems with you that if something happend that involves young people, someone should be locked up (in solitary) & the key thrown away,.. but… Read more »

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