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pughtrainCalls have this afternoon (Friday) been made for the chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association, Alan Wells, to resign following a media report claiming that he may be plotting to bring down the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, with the former leader of the Isle of Wight Council, David Pugh. 

PoliticalScrapbook earlier this week revealed that David Pugh had been witnessed to be having a private political phone call in a very public place – a train. Now, details of the telephone call have been revealed which suggest Mr Well’s involvement with Mr Pugh to bring down the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner.

alan_wellsThe telephone call is understood to have discussed obtaining a clear answer from ‘someone’ by Christmas with part of their plan involving a chairman – believed to be Alan Wells (pictured right) – sending a letter.

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Recently, David Pugh has been behind claims that Mr Turner has fiddled his expenses in the past. Mr Pugh says he is not standing for MP in the 2015 elections.

Speaking today, Cllr Chris Whitehouse, a close friend and supporter of Andrew Turner MP says:

“This report is truly shocking. We always suspected that Alan Wells was in cahoots with David Pugh as an Axis of Evil to seek to bring down the Island’s popular and hardworking MP, Andrew Turner. This report now proves it beyond all doubt. There is no alternative other than for Alan Wells to resign as Association Chairman to make way for somebody who can be trusted.

“It is rather nauseating to thank that all the time he  has been Association Chairman, Wells has been plotting and scheming against our democratically appointed Conservative candidate. Have these two bitter failed politicians no integrity at all: Pugh lost us control of the council because his name became toxic to the electorate. Wells has been bitter and twisted ever since he failed to be added to the Conservative Party’s list of approved candidates. The pair bring disgrace upon themselves and our Party into disrepute. They should be drummed out and I am writing today to the Party Chairman nationally to make a formal complaint. I only wish I had done so sooner.”

Photographed: David Pugh by PoliticalScrapbook
                      Alan Wells // Isle of Wight Conservative Association 

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