Online slots have always covered the largest part of every casino’s gaming portfolio. When a new game reaches the shelves of online gambling operators, players often run to it to see if it has any better features than the ones they previously played. Sometimes the new slot doesn’t live up to expectations and fades to dust quite fast.

However, game developers can do a pretty good job and create a game that can make a real boom in the online gaming industry. This is exactly what happened when Play’n Go launched the Book of Dead slot. In a short time, the game became one of the most popular online slots on the planet. Let’s find out what is it that makes Book of Dead adored worldwide.

The Theme

Ancient Egyptian themes have proved to be a great inspiration for online slots providers. Book of Dead follows a character during his treasure hunt through Egypt. In other words, you take upon the role of an adventurer who is trying to discover the secrets of the ancient Egyptian tombs.

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The slot comes with a goal the adventurer has to find the book in which all the secrets of the Dead are hidden. With a little bit of luck and an amount of cash for wagering, you can unveil the huge winnings that are buried under the slot’s gameplay.

Experienced players say that Book of Dead owns its popularity to a popular classic, Book of Ra, as the two games have a lot in common. We won’t blame Book of Dead for going after the same theme since the stories of ancient Egypt will probably remain interesting forever. However, there’s no doubt that the Book of Dead online slot is far better than its predecessor due to improved graphics, music, and overall game interface.

Features and Bonuses

Book of Dead wouldn’t become so popular if it weren’t for special features and bonuses. These aspects can make it or break it when it comes to a slot’s success. Some of the features that set Book of Dead apart from the competition are:

  • Gamble rounds — After every winning round, you’ll get a choice to collect your coins or gamble. If you choose the latter, you can double, triple, or even quadruple your winnings if you manage to guess the suit or colour of a face-down card. 
  • In-game free spins Book of Dead is one of those slots that likes giving things like free spins for free. Moreover, it has a tendency of doing it amidst the game itself.
  • Wild symbol and scatters — Everyone loves a good wild symbol! In this game, the Book of Dead symbol, which is both a wild symbol and scatter. This feature provides players with a chance to win up to €5,000 in a single role. This is quite a lot of money you can get just by spinning the reels.
  • Autoplay feature — Autoplay feature enables players to preset the amount and number of spins so they don’t have to do it manually. After this is done, the slot will start working its magic while players can do something else or simply relax and enjoy the look at their increasing bankroll. Remember that The autoplay option can be set to play from ten to 100 spins.

RTP and Money-Making Potential

Let’s be honest many slot games have outstanding graphics, music, and interesting themes. Now, we’re not saying that Book of Dead doesn’t excel at these aspects, but there is something more that makes this slot so desirable, and that is its money-making potential.

We have already mentioned that a wild and scatter symbol can award you with a significant sum of money. Furthermore, the in-game free spins can also be a good source of potential income. 

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Yet, what carries most importance is the RTP of the slot, which is for Book of Dead 96%. If you don’t know what RTP is and how it works, you can find out by reading this article.

To wrap it up, all the slot’s features and general aspects combined have made Book of Dead a pretty desirable game to play.

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