festival2013s7Fireworks took to the skies as Bon Jovi rounded up his headlining performance at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival, albeit earlier than expected after he had ‘had enough’ according to reports. 

Bon Jovi had the crowd singing and dancing along to their greatest hits including ‘You give love a bad name’ and ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, shortly before the closing fireworks filled the skies with colour near to the Big Top stage.

festival2013s5resizedThe crowd were shocked and confused when Bon Jovi said ‘goodnight’ after performing the Living on a Prayer classic, considerably earlier than expected. Chanting ‘we want more’, the credits appeared on the big screens marking the end of the night’s performance.

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Island Echo has received reports that Jon Bon Jovi had simply ‘had enough’ and was ‘tired after playing a 3 hour gig last night’. It is understood that he got into the back of a VIP transportation van straight away before heading northbound on Fairlee Road to his awaiting helicopter at The Racecourse. Within 10 minutes, the rock star had left the Island and up to 50,000 festival-goers behind.

A large amount of people could be seen to walk away from the main stage area during the Bon Jovi set as the band played a Status Quo and a Rolling Stones cover, as well as unfamiliar songs from the band instead of their greatest hits.

festival2013s4Crowds dispersed towards the BT Infinity Big Top to see 80’s legend Blondie play a closing set to round off an incredible Isle of Wight Festival 2013, much to the popularity of revelers.

It has been an extraordinary weekend, with over twenty festival-related articles and more than one hundred tweets on Twitter made by the Island Echo’s team of journalists.

We hope you have enjoyed our live 24 hour coverage of the Isle of Wight Festival this year. We will be bringing you the latest updates on traffic and travel as festival-goers leave Seaclose Park on Monday morning.

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We would love to see your festival photographs of your experience at the festival by sending your best shots to [email protected] or via a tweet @islandecho on Twitter.

Bon Jovi Arriving

Bon Jovi seen arriving at Seaclose Park  this afternoon (Sunday) with a Police escort  – Photo by Island Echo photographer Daniel poole

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