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besunawareA nationwide roadshow is being staged at high profile festival events across the UK including the Isle of Wight Festival to raise awareness of sun care and the damage the sun can cause to your skin.

Thousands of members of the public will be provided with free mole and sun-care advice from expert dermatologists and nurses, and complimentary La Roche-Posay sunscreen, in a bid to make people aware of skin cancer risks and how to enjoy the sun safely.

During the 2012 Isle of Wight Festival, 212 people had a free mole and sun-care one to one advice session  with a dermatologist of whom 36 (19 female and 17 male) were recommended to see their GP for further investigation.   67% of the Isle of Wight Festival goers who visited the roadshow were under the age of 40, not only a reflection of the age profile of the festival but that the incidence of sun induced skin problems is of concern even among younger age groups.

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1,350 people attending the 2012 Mole and Sun Advice Roadshow were asked about skin cancer and sun safety. Only 50 per cent of people correctly identified their own skin colour, which was then assessed by a Dermatologist, from a list of options, with 48 per cent thinking their skin was darker.

Three times more men than women incorrectly believed that a base tan will protect against sun burn and sun damage (65 per cent of men compared to just 22 per cent of women). In fact, a base tan only provides very minimal protection and is actually a sign of ultraviolet (UV) damage.

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