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Bucket Seats & Radio were stolen from this classic Mini

Multiple vehicles have been broken into and alloy wheels stolen to be left on pallets in Lake overnight last night (Monday).

It has emerged that a classic Mini, a Volvo and a Subaru Impreza were all involved in the brazen theft.

The classic Mini was targeted after being parked outside Warren Motors on Lake Industrial Way, a window smashed to gain access with both front bucket seats and radio being removed and taken with further damage to the rear boot lock to try to gain access to aftermarket speakers in the vehicle.

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The thieves then moved on to Lake Autocentre where a Subaru Impreza and a Volvo both had all 4 alloy wheels removed to leave the vehicles resting on pallets.

An appeal has been shared throughout local social media this afternoon for anyone with information on the whereabouts of the stolen items (photographed in the gallery below) to contact either Warren Motors or Lake Autocentre directly to assist in their recovery.

Hampshire Constabulary are aware of the thefts but no appeal has been made at this time. CCTV covering the area is being reviewed by the business owners.

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