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There’s no doubt that higher education helps an employee become better at what they do. However, working for a company in real life is way different than what we’re taught in textbooks. Even the managers who sit at the upper echelons have to do much more than just study to be better at what they do. This doesn’t mean that the importance of education is reduced and you should start ignoring it. Everything has its own importance and to be a more well-rounded employee, you must learn to balance everything. Most people don’t know what they should be doing to be better at their job even though they try really hard to. Some things just come automatically with experience.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the steps that you can take to get better at work. These tips and suggestions are taken from the personal experience of experts who’ve managed to reach the zenith of their careers. Not only will you be able to do better but you’ll also be able to become the very best. So without further ado, let’s get to it and find out how.

1. Take Initiative

Perhaps, everyone loves an employee who takes initiative. What this means is that you should try to help out your superiors wherever you can and you shouldn’t wait for anyone to instruct you to be better. Great employees are usually very good at taking initiative and they want to improve proactively. Once you start trying to be more proactive, you’ll notice a huge difference in your performance which will eventually be noticed by your superiors as well.

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2. Try and Create Value

Rather than trying to do the bare minimum and getting away with it, your focus should be on delivering quality work. This is one of the biggest flaws in school education as it teaches students to do the bare minimum. If you want to climb the corporate ladder and be noticed, make sure that you deliver work that’s distinguishable from the mediocre stuff delivered by other employees. 

3. Come Up With Solutions

Challenges are a part of any job and they’re what keeps the job interesting. However, no one likes an employee who constantly keeps on bickering about the way things are. It’s alright to point out the flaws in any system but you should also try to make improvements to these flawed processes. Not many employees are even bothered with thinking of new solutions and it’s one of the quick shortcuts for you to set yourself apart from them.

4. Learn From Your Past

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone starts afresh at some point, however, it’s your responsibility to learn from those errors and improve. You should try and analyze your previous performance to get better quickly. Top employees almost always use precise project insights to understand their weaknesses and work on addressing them. Start tracking metrics like your productivity, your time spent on actual work, and so on so that you know where you need to improve.

5. Keep Learning

Learning is an important part of any profession and with the amount of knowledge out there, you could spend an eternity learning more. Try to keep yourself updated and keep on learning new skills that can benefit your company. This will make you more valuable in the long run and you’ll automatically emerge as a great employee.

6. Be Cooperative

You must’ve noticed that the best performing employees are usually also the most cooperative ones. This means that you should try and empathize with your bosses so that you can help them in difficult situations. Be polite and eager to learn new things, and you’ll soon realize how much better you got along the way.

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7. Be Punctual

There’s no substitute for proper discipline and timeliness in a work environment and any employee who’s not punctual can make the lives of everyone around them miserable. Be consistent with your deadlines, submissions, and arrival to the office to make everyone’s lives easier. This single practice will differentiate you from the rest of the crowd and it’ll help propel you to new heights in your career.


These are some of the best ways you can become a top employee in any organization. The core fundamentals of any line of work stay the same and all you need to do is to follow these tips consistently. There might be other things that you’d like to implement as well but these tips are the most important ones that you should start with at first.

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