Ever since the internet became widespread, there have been a lot of technologies that have come and flooded the market, only to die off in a few weeks. So many of these trends only last for a while, but then you never hear about them again.

Initially, some sceptics thought online casinos would follow this route. That they would only be relevant for a while, and then the fad would die down.

Contrary to this, since inception, online casinos have only gotten popular with time. If you look at the history of physical casinos, they had a similar effect; they hit the market and spread like bushfire.

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When online casinos launched, the result mirrored that of physical casinos. Then, something happened, online casinos overtook physical casinos. Several factors have been attributed to the expansion and growth of online casinos.

One of the reasons online casinos are so popular today is because of software developers such as Play’N GO.

Who are Play’N GO, and how have they contributed to the growth and dominance of online casinos?

Simply put, Play’N GO is a software developer that deals in casino games. When they launched in the mid-’90’s they were a small Swedish team. But by the wake of the new century, they had become one of the leading forces in casino games. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, you’ve likely played one of their games.

They have games on all platforms, and the best places to play their games are in casinos such as Casumo Casino, LeoVegas Casino, and Mr. Green Casino. Clearly, online casinos are as popular as physical ones.

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Casino games developers like Play’N GO have certainly had something to do with the growth and dominance of online casinos.

What makes Play’N GO casino stand out from other developers?

1. Their games are easy to play

Gaming has taken the world by a storm. The beauty of it is you can play from your phone, tablet, or even computer. The popularity of games has resulted in studies being done on how you can maximize your chances of winning.

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The beauty with Play’N GO games is they are user-friendly and relatively easy. The problem with most casino games is they are often too complex and repel beginners.

With this platform, however, they lay emphasis on creating games that are not only easy to play but the games that you can enjoy. Some of the well-rated casinos have achieved this rating because of the games they get from Play’N GO.

Additionally, other than developing user-friendly games, their games come with some of the best winning odds.

2. They offer a variety

Play’N GO is perhaps well known for its vast array of games in the market. Some of their most notable games include Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker.

Moreover, the software developers have created better versions of classic games such as Caribbean Stud Poker, and have more than eight variations of the classic Blackjack.

It is impossible to talk about the effect Play’N GO has had in online casinos without mentioning their famous slot games. You see bettors all over the globe love and enjoy slot games. This is why the developers are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve on their slot games.

Play’N GO has niched out a market in the slots area in a time when most developers are looking to create often complicated modern slot machine games.

Some of their award-winning games that you’ve likely interacted with include Gunslinger, Ninja Fruits, and Fruit Bonanza.

3. Free spins and multipliers

Every bettor knows there are times when you can be down on your luck. On such days, it appears that no bet is going your way. At the same time, every bettor knows this is not a lasting event; you will get back on your feet and return to your winning ways.

However, at that time, when you’re down, you don’t need a game that pushes your face to the ground. There are times when you need a pick me up. Understanding this, Play’N GO software developers include free treats for you, even when things are not going as planned.

The platform continually has free bonuses and extra features that will not only help you through the way but will also keep you engaged for hours. You can easily play their games for hours simply because of the bones such as free spins, and multipliers.

4. Fairness, safety, and security is a top priority

Most developers tamper with your favourite games to the casino’s benefit. When you’re playing any of Play’N GO games, you will experience first-hand fairness all through.

Before they release any game in the market, they run extensive checks to ensure the game is safe both for you and the casino. They also guarantee fairness by providing regular checks of the random number generators (RNG) that help in fair gaming. Additionally, this helps grow and improve online casino etiquette.

5. They offer diversity

One way to gauge who is leading in the market is by how they value their customers. Most of the other developers focus on one or two languages. However, Play’N GO is supported in over 30 different languages.

Some of the notable languages include English, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Czech, Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Romanian, French, Bulgarian, Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Greek, Dutch, Italian and Estonian.

There are several game software developers in the market today. Few of them, however, have the system and attentiveness that Play’N GO adheres to. This is, in part, what has helped them carve out an area in the market and become of the most popular and beloved software developers.

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