Work on the culvert back in May 2018

A £5.2million scheme to protect more than 300 homes from flooding in Ryde has been completed and officially handed over to the Environment Agency’s Hampshire team.

The EA, in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council and the Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, have been working to significantly reduce the flood risk in the Simeon Street and Monktonmead Brook area of Ryde. The area has been prone to flooding for years, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to homes and businesses during the winter months.

Although the 329 homes have been protected since December last year, the project has only just been completely finished and signed off.

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As part of the scheme, a new outfall pipe has been created from the pumping station at Cornwall Slip to the sea wall at Ryde Harbour. This means a clear outfall is maintained allowing more water to be discharged to the sea in heavy rainfall events. It will also lead to a significant reduction in the frequency of river flows overtopping the bank and flooding land and properties surrounding Monktonmead.

The pipe is made up of 92 separate concrete sections, each weighing 13 tonnes and tall enough to stand in. A deflection wall has been installed at the harbour where thousands of litres of water will now exit the culver.

A flood wall has also been installed around Simeon Street Recreation Ground, Marymead Close and the river boundary of the BT depot. This not only protects homes but allows the Rec to be used as a large open holding tank.

In addition, an underground tank has been installed by Southern Water under the Royal George Memorial Garden at the end of Simeon Street. This is to allow water to be held and released back into the system in a controlled manner.

How Simeon Rec looks now with the flood wall in place

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Az-zahra Aziz
Az-zahra Aziz
1 year ago

How ‘timely’ that the work is ‘completed’ JUST before the huge building and ruination of Ryde by the council and developers where the additional run off water would have scuppered MASS building plans. One would think this expensive flood prevention work was planned and acheived just for that, rather than a few householders who have had to suffer previously for years with soggy socks.

The children floating around in Simeon Street recreation ground avoiding bags of dog doo doo, never mattered then in previous years.

Odd what the lure of a few thousand extra council tax revenue per month can achieve.

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