Tres Amigos and 3 Stars and Moon recently came head-to-head in the finals of the Best-of-3 Little 3 basketball league.

Each game this season was played on the basis of the first team to score 33 points. In the playoffs, a handicap was given to each team.

3 Stars and moon won the inaugural Little 3 League playoffs 2-0 (Best of 3), beating the league winners Tres Amigos.

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In the first game, the 3 Stars already had a 12 point handicap and then got off to a very quick start with Dan Micheal hitting two 3 pointers. He added a couple of quick baskets on drives and before what had hit them the Tres Amigos were facing a 26-8 deficit. To their credit, they fought back but couldn’t bridge the gap enough with the final score being 33-21.

Game 2 was a different story – a very competitive match was played and it was the Tres Amigos led by Harrison Fisher who came out strong scoring the first 11 points and wiping out the handicap. From here on it was a close match with neither team really establishing a lead of any significance.

3 stars and moon couldn’t get to grips with the opposition’s aggressive play and the Tres Amigos found themselves shooting a lot of free throws. However, they couldn’t take advantage. 3 stars hung on in and with the score at 27-27, Dan Micheal again made the difference scoring a 3 pointer and a 2 point basket to get them within 1 point of victory. Vincent Morada scored the winning basket from the free throw line after being fouled.

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