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The owners of the Isle of Wight Deer Farm have revealed that 2 fawns and 1 calve have been killed by a ‘large carnivore’ over the weekend.

It is thought that a dog is to blame for the deaths of the 3 deer, which are farmed at Newclose off Nunnery Lane on the outskirts of Newport.

According to a post on the official Facebook page of the Isle of Wight Deer Farm, the animal entered the farm at some point over the weekend. It is said that dogs have the same instincts as wolves and once they learn how to stalk prey, they enjoy doing it again and again.

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The team at the deer farm, which opened back in August of this year, are urging anyone who sees any dogs off the lead on the farm to call them – day or night – on 01983 638680.

Farmers have the right to dispatch any animals which are seen to be worrying livestock.

An appeal by the deer farm says:

“If you are driving, riding or walking around the area we need your assistance while we set up cameras in the perimeter as presently they are only in a few locations. Thank for your help”.

There has been a small herd grazing the land in ‘Paradise Valley’ for over 15 years – unbeknown to most Islanders – but after recently being acquired by Natural Farm Produce Ltd, 70 additional deer have been introduced.

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White Tailed Eagles ????


No it’s a dog

Anne Wilson

How sad

Az-zahra Aziz

Maybe it is the wild cat. As the owner IF a dog, would hardly be the sort to pick up the solids, perhaps any poo could be analysed. Likely a Staffy from a petty druggy, check for old BMW’s in the area, is my guess.

Sandy O’dell

Az zahra Aziz not all staffie owners are druggies and drive BMW’s or fail . Staffies aren’t quite quick enough to catch a deer . So MY GUESS it could be a LURCHER
So get your head out of your arse and stop blaming the lovely breed The staffie

Sandra O’Dell

Fail to pick up the poo missed out in my comment


Ur an idiot


Oh Dear.

Don't tell him pike.

West African pouncing squirrel ?


They really have no ‘eye deer ‘ who done it


Could be a werewolf


Those poor animals

Sir Darren Toogood

Oh deer what a shame

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