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The votes have been counted and the results are in for the 2021 Isle of Wight Local Elections.

Earlier this evening it was revealed that Dave Stewart lost his seat and therefore his leadership of the Council. He lost the Chale, Niton and Shorwell ward to Green’s Clare Critchison.

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It’s also now known that the Conservatives have lost their majority at County Hall. A coalition will now need to be formed ahead of 26th May.

Below you will find each ward listed with the name, party and total votes received for each candidate, alongside the elected member.

Turnout: 36.93% (40.92% in 2017)
Seat Split: 18 Conservative, 13 Independents, 1 Labour, 2 Green, 2 Island Independent Network, 1 Vectis Party, 1 Our Island and 1 Lib Dem.


Elected: Joe Robertson (Con) – 921
Alasdair Steane (Our Island) – 440

Binstead & Fishbourne
Elected: Ian Dore (Ind) – 701
Simon Cooke – 170
Ed Hopper (Con) – 401

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Brading & St Helens
Elected: Jonathan Bacon (Our Island) – 537
Alexander Buggie (Lab) – 91
John Graney (Lib Dem) – 107
Brian Tyndall (Con) – 383

Brighstone, Calbourne & Shalfleet
Elected: Steve Hastings (Con) – 549
Doug Alldred (Green) – 335
Nick Stuart (Lib Dem) – 377

Carisbrooke & Gunville
Elected: Joe Lever (Green) – 387
Verity Bird (Lab) – 214
Bev Hastings (Con) – 348

Central Rural
Elected: Suzie Ellis (Con) – 619
Richard Hill (Lab) – 146
Julia Laursen (Green) – 313

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Chale, Niton & Shorwell (& Whitwell)
Elected: Claire Critchinson (Green) – 876
Dave Stewart (Con) – 636

Cowes Medina
Elected: Lora Peacey-Wilcox (Ind) – 615
Alan Bates (Lab) – 213
Oscar Bicket (Con) – 143

Cowes North
Elected: Richard Quigley (Lab) – 587
Richard Hollis (Con) – 552

Cowes South & Northwood
Elected: John Nicholson (Con) – 502
Philip Attfield (Lab) – 223
Steph Burgess (Lib Dem) – 278
Nathan Stubbings (Green) – 142

Cowes West & Gurnard
Elected: Paul Fuller (Ind) – 1101
Tim Jeffreys (Con) – 208
Josh Pointing (Lab) – 114

East Cowes
Elected: Karl Love (Ind) – 809
Bob Packham (Lib Dem) – 96
Jane Rann (Con) – 335
Lorna Trollope (Lab) – 95

Fairlee & Whippingham
Elected: Matthew Price (Con) – 669
Patricia Packham (Lib Dem) – 116
Michael Smith (Green) – 249

Freshwater North & Yarmouth
Elected: Peter Spink (Con) – 644
Daniel James (Green) – 434

Freshwater South
Elected: John Medland (Ind) – 625
George Cameron (Con) – 576

Haylands & Swanmore
Elected: Vanessa Churchman (Con) – 316
Les Kirkby (Ind) – 302
Sue Lyons (Lab) – 133
Malcolm Ross (Lib Dem) – 145

Lake North
Elected: Tig Outlaw (Con) – 399
Gary Clarke (Lab) – 135
Adrian Whittaker (IIN) – 284
Paul Wilson (Green) – 92

Lake South
Elected: Paul Brading (Con) – 607
Patrick Barry (Green) – 159
Sarah McCarthy-Fry (Lab) – 210
Linda Pitcher (Vectis Party) – 93

Mountjoy & Shide
Elected: Martin Oliver (Con) – 389
Alan Hunter (Lab) – 178
Shirley Smart – 230
Fred Turgut – 24

Nettlestone & Seaview
Elected: David Adams (Ind) – 577
Mark Rees (Lab) – 63
Michael Ward (Con) – 506

Newchurch, Havenstreet & Ashey
Elected: Clare Mosdell (Con) – 721
Anna Beach (Lab) – 128
Stephen Reynolds (Ind) – 151
Martyn Ridgley (Green) – 186

Newport Central
Elected: Julie Jones-Evans (Ind) – 349
Matthew Ambrosini (Con) – 134
Simon Haytack (Lab) – 119
Stephen Rushbrook (Green) – 102

Newport West
Elected: Ray Rudrup (Con) – 320
Bob Blezzard (Lib Dem) – 165
Jaimie Bundell (Green) – 169
Bill Collins (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 20
Brian Quigley (Lab) – 195

Elected: Stephen Hendry (Con) – 297
Julie Burridge (Lib Dem) – 98
Michael Paler (Ind) – 225
Cameron Palin (Green) – 293

Pan & Barton
Elected: Geoff Brodie (Ind) – 518
Danielle Fleet (Con) – 151

Parkhurst & Hunnyhill
Elected: Andrew Garratt (Lib Dem) – 449
Hollie Fallick (Green) – 79
Pauline Hunter (Lab) – 49
Cara Lock (Con) – 179

Ryde Appley & Elmfield
Elected: Michael Lilley – 832
Tiarnan Finney (Con) – 121
Paul Hampton (Green) – 109

Ryde Monktonmead
Elected: Karen Lucioni (IIN) – 354
Charles Chapman (Ind) – 169
Mick Lyons (Lab) – 177
Rhys Wright (Con) – 193

Ryde North West
Elected: Phil Jordan – 428
Michael Salmon (Green) – 175
Steven Sheridan (Con) – 300
Phi Truckel (Lab) – 176

Ryde South East
Elected: Warren Drew (Con) – 112
Emily Brothers (Lab) – 78
Jessica Higgins (IIN) – 66
Tracy Mikich (Lib Dem) – 64
Natalie Thomas (Green) – 65

Ryde West
Elected: Ian Stephens (IIN) – 346
Steve Double (Lab) – 210
Mike Lambert (Ind) – 124
Lou Temel (Con) – 245

Sandown North
Elected: Debbie Andre (Ind) – 386
Clive Cheetham (Lab) – 160
Ian Fletcher (Con) – 336
Stephen Parkes (Ind) – 58

Sandown South
Elected: Ian Ward (Con) – 359
Pauline Evans (Our Island) – 81
Jenny Hicks (IIN) – 106
Robert Thomspon (Lab) – 106
Mark Voller (Lib Dem) – 185

Shanklin Central
Elected: Michael Beston (Con) – 504
Kenneth Crawley (Lab) – 129
Robert May (Ind) – 143
David Moorse (Green) – 224

Shanklin South
Elected: Chris Quirk (Con) – 658
Mike Hailston (Our Island) – 191
Christopher Lloyd (Lab) – 228

Totland & Colwell
Elected: Chris Jarman (Ind) – 557
Carol Bryan (Con) – 547
Billy Hancock (Lab) – 197
Michael Locke (Lib Dem) – 59

Ventnor & St Lawrence
Elected: Gary Peace (Con) – 328
Steve Cooper (Lab) – 249
Martin Godden (Freedom Alliance) – 38
Mark Jefferies (IIN) – 171
Graham Perks (Vectis Party) – 260
Phil Warren (Our Island) – 178

Wootton Bridge
Elected: Daryll Pitcher (Vectis Party) – 533
Barry Abraham (Con) – 358
Susan Betts (Green) – 152
John Ward – 83

Wroxall, Lowtherville & Bonchurch
Elected: Rodney Downer (Ind) – 862
Justin Tracey (Lab) – 157
Colm Watling (Con) – 259

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1 month ago

Shame that so many couldn’t be bothered to vote. Well done to us all who did, only just over 36%

Reply to  Sunshine
1 month ago

Retained by 589 votes. In fact a majority of voters cast 712 votes and therefore will not be represented by their choice. So long as the “winner” represents his minority the he stands a good chance of being “re-elected” again.

1 month ago

So happy stewart lost his seat shame we could not get rid of ian ward .now i hope we see a better council now the  Conservatives have lost their majority at County Hall

London Calling
London Calling
1 month ago

Great news! Today has been a good day to be a conservative.

MC hammer
MC hammer
Reply to  London Calling
1 month ago

Yep, I am not a natural conservative, but on a national level, I back Boris 100%, don’t matter what the liberal elite and state media propergander try to throw at him, people are wising up,and they don’t care about his refurbished flat,he is good for the UK and good for the union,we need strong leadership in this unpredictable world!

Concerned of Wootton
Concerned of Wootton
Reply to  MC hammer
1 month ago

Hopefully you will still be saying that once the pandemic has cleared, and you will see the damage he has caused with Brexit. The Irish border is still unresolved, small businesses are struggling to export to Europe, and people will begin to see price rises everywhere!
Then we have the Tory sleaze and backhanders going on with Tory donors and mates being given lucrative pandemic contracts.
If that what makes a strong leader, god help us!

MC hammer
MC hammer
Reply to  Concerned of Wootton
1 month ago

It is people like yourself, constantly talking down and bashing the UK for whatever reason, you won’t be happy until we are a third world country and you can say ‘ I told you so ‘, Boris ain’t perfect, but he is the best out of a bad bunch, and like it or not he is the choice of the silent majority! I have faith in this country and I am proud to be British, I am/was a labour voter, but they are to busy pandering to People like yourself!!!

Reply to  MC hammer
1 month ago

I mean, if Borris refurbishing his flat is the only negative thing that springs to mind when you think of him, you either need to have your senses or sensibilities checked…

MC hammer
MC hammer
Reply to  Shibi
1 month ago

I think people like yourself need to grow up and think of the big picture, If you lived in a foreign country,I would expect you to realise how lucky you are to be here,he is not perfect, but who is? But he is the best we have got at the moment! End of, x

Awkward Annie
Awkward Annie
Reply to  MC hammer
1 month ago

You are a proper goose – I think you mean propaganda. You may not care about the refurbished flat but I most certainly do. Sadly the days when politicians had any integrity or altruism are long gone.

MC hammer
MC hammer
Reply to  Awkward Annie
1 month ago

It is just a flat for f sake,it is not freehold, but a short term tenancy,get over it, I AM sure he has bigger fish to fry, may I suggest that you move to somewhere else,such as utopia, lol, I’m not a goose, I is a lion, innit. X

1 month ago

Why has Love been re-elected in East Cowes? He has done a lot of bleating but achieved absolutely nothing for East Cowes. Landslip not cleared, slipways still unusable, floating farce still in place etc., etc.

isle of wighter
isle of wighter
1 month ago

perhaps the Tories will wake up and realise

when we say no more large scale house building such as pennyfeathers..we mean it

listen to us or next time, you will be the minority in the council

Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box
1 month ago

Fantastic news that Dave Stewart has be booted out of control. I wonder how long it will be before he sells up and moves off the Island for good. Quickly I hope, because I’m sure a lot of people will be shouting “LOSER” in his direction.

It will take a good few years I think for the stinking brown stain he has left us Islanders to clean up. Good riddance.

1 month ago

Does it just show the apathy of the island residents that barely 37% turned out

1 month ago

I won’t be voting again until the First Past The Post system is scrapped. Complete waste of time.
I voted (as usual) yet will be represented by a candidate who achieved just 29% of the vote.
This is NOT Democracy. .

1 month ago

Only 893 votes cast in my ward, absolutely disgusting the remaining resients couldn’t be bothered to get off their arses and vote. Please don’t let me hear any complaints when things don’t go the way you want them too. You deserve what you get!

Concerned of Wootton
Concerned of Wootton
1 month ago

So 63 people in every 100 couldn’t be bothered to vote!
If you have an elected member in your ward you didn’t want AND you didn’t vote, you only have yourself to blame.

Hill Billies
Hill Billies
Reply to  Concerned of Wootton
1 month ago

Well done Josh we is all prode of you all famlee voted for ya luv.

you can now show they tofs a thing or to.

dad prode as punch busness man and a counsiller now.

Reply to  Concerned of Wootton
1 month ago

I wonder how many non-voters complain about the Cowes floating bridge?

Lady Dunstanding
Lady Dunstanding
1 month ago

The dear lady in front of me at the polling station asked the door monitor how we vote in this part of the country! How many homes? How many votes? If that’s even legal, which it may be, then the minority is swaying geographical democratic opinion, surely….

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