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On 7th March the first confirmed case of COVID-19 on the Isle of Wight was announced. Now, just over 9 weeks later, there are a total of 156 cases locally.

Data released by Public Health England this afternoon (Monday) shows a further 2 cases locally, from 154 on Monday to 156 today. However, on Saturday the number stood at 155.

Increases are not surprising given that a testing facility has been open at Medina now for a couple of weeks, undoubtedly adding to the number of cases being discovered and verified. In addition, the launch of the new contact tracing app means home swab tests are now being sent out to any Islander who shows symptoms of coronavirus.

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However, the Island still has one of the lowest infection rates in the country (110.2).

This graph, produced by Island Echo, shows that there has been somewhat of a levelling of cases and deaths in recent days.

NHS England report that there have now been 32 coronavirus deaths in hospital, with the Office for National Statistics confirming a further 14 people have died in the community.

The latest information from the Isle of Wight NHS Trust confirms 25 people have recovered from COVID-19 and have been discharged from hospital.

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Always right

For weeks now I keep reading 25 have recovered does that mean in 9 wks ONLY 25 have recovered what about the rest ???????


It means the rest did not need any hospitalisation. From the people who were admitted to hospital 25 has recovered – therefore released.
People who do not need treatment also recover but they are not part of the same statistical number. I hope this puts your mind at ease.
More can be found on bbc.co.uk or ons.gov.uk .


Sadly more die who need to go to this hospital than leave if having CV. How many are left of those ‘recovered’ with life long damage to their bodies is yet to be told to us. Much is kept back for fear of panic imo Can’t imagine the final total if a cure is never found. The UK death rate passed 40,000 today, in such a short space of time, AND with lockdown. As such is easing, can only see more. Now we KNOW why all the extra beds and chiller units for the dead were installed here. An app,… Read more »


Now that the government have lifted restrictions for “driving to a beauty spot” I can foresee a lot of day trippers coming to the Isle of Wight, stopping off in shops and potentially bringing the disease over which will increase the cases, plus if they are not residents they will not have downloaded the app and therefore they will not register if they have symptoms and subsequently we will not get alerts so the whole system will break down.

We need to keep isolated within the island for this trial to work properly.


Won’t happen too much money at stake

pedro gates

Have to agree with Dippy, who’s going to pay the ferry cost to come here and what shops will they ‘stop off’ in?


Only essential shops open and I know the ferries aren’t legally allowed to stop people but they have not changed anything ie hardly any sailings and only essential travel. Have to just hope people are sensible?!

Always right

I totally agree with u Alison they shud keep them off the island


We will all likely catch this anyway now. A vaccine is not as likely as first hoped for now it seems. So, can’t hide forever. Just a longer time period but the same amount of casualty’s imo


My daughter and myself were tested may 1st, still no results……so there maybe more cases that never get found out about. Any body else not heard??


Mine came back 48hrs later. Have u ring the helpdesk number. They just need your barcode number.


The IOW must now take more precautions. We cannot allow people to come here unless essential travel. Testing for Island residents should be available to all. Within 2weeks we should be able to Track and trace thus beginning with a clearer picture. Self isolation for short time would be far better than another 3month lockdown. Shielding for over 70 is important but safer to be in a community that is dealing with this virus In a proactive rather than reactive way. What are the testing numbers on IOW? I have seen nothing published. More transparency needed and perhaps a list… Read more »

Martin Dunstan

Totally agree with you about all your points. Well said

Mrs C

My friend was tested 10 days ago and is still waiting..from what I have heard this is the norm!

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