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bywayfootpathclosurecouncilThe Isle of Wight Council’s Rights of Way team have now closed the Island’s Byways to motor vehicles for the winter season.

The closures, which began on Tuesday 11th October are aimed at through traffic and leisure vehicle use, which is normally 4×4’s or off road motorcycles. The reason for closures is that during the winter and wet weather the unbound surfaces become soft and are easily damaged. Motor vehicle use causes deep ruts and the surfaces get churned up with the result of making them impassable and dangerous for all users. Furthermore, rectifying the damage is extremely costly and time consuming.

The Rights of Way team wait as long as possible before invoking the motor vehicle closure, although this is not always popular with those drivers who enjoy off roading. However, drivers are being asked to be considerate and to comply with the closures in order to protect the Rights of Way network for the benefit of everyone.

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Closures will not affect carriage drivers, equestrians, cyclists, walkers or any residents or landowners who have lawful authority to access their land or property.

The Byways which will be affected are listed below:

  • A25 (Great East Standen Lane) between Burnt House Ln and Public Byway A28
  • A28 (St George’s Down) between Arreton Cross and Newport Golf Club
  • B13 (Galleyhorn Lane) from Byway B14 to Byway R63 (Attrills Lane)
  • B14 (Galleyhorn Lane) from Byway B15/B15A to Byway B13
  • B21 (Ricketts Hill) from West Lane to Rowborough Lane
  • B33 (Kern) from Kern Lane to Brading Down Road
  • B35 between Kern Lane and Public Byway NC45A
  • BB37 (Peacock Hill) from B3395 Sandown/Bembridge Rd to 400m south of Hillway Rd
  • BS76 (Hulverstone Lane) from Military Rd to 110m south of Brighstone Rd
  • BS86 from Byway BS89 to Dunsbury Farm Lane
  • BS89 from Byway F55 to Byway BS53
  • BS100 (Riget Lane) from Military Rd to 140m south of Brighstone Rd
  • BS101 (Blind Lane) from Hoxall Ln to Brook Rd
  • BS104 (Pitt Place Lane) from Hoxall Ln to 260m south of Brook Rd
  • BS106 (Sheep Lane) between Brook Farm Cl and the Military Rd
  • C32A (Ashbridge Lane) between Appleford Rd and Public Byway SW41
  • GL30 (Bobbestone Farm) between Lessland Ln and Public Byway NC33
  • GL48 (Part) from Byway V57 until Bridleway GL51 (at car parking area)
  • F55 from 530me east of Military Rd to Byway BS89
  • NC33 (Bobberstone Farm) between Canteen Rd and Public Byway GL30
  • NC45A (Lower Knighton Ln.) between Public Byway B35 and Knighton Shute
  • R63 (Attrills Lane) from Byway B13 for a distance of 200m
  • SS17 (Lower Hyde) from Byway SS87 to Bridleways SS18A/SS89 at New Barn Ln
  • SS18 from Bridleways SS18A / SS89 at New Barn Ln to A3056 Newport Rd
  • SS87 (Upper Hyde Lane) from Cliff Bridge (Godshill Rd/Victoria Ave) to SS17
  • SW41 (Ashbridge Lane) between Emmett Hill and Public Byway C32A
  • SW56 (Dungewood Lane) between Kingston Road and Atherfield Road
  • V62 for its whole length from Byway V60 at Week Farm Ln to Byway V57
  • V57 for its whole length from Byway V62 to Byway GL48

A full list of the Island’s byway network can be found at

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