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The UK is the home of the bookmaker, and cemented sports betting as an industry to be reckoned with. When looking for an online bookie in the UK, there are a lot of venues to choose from. In fact, there are literally hundreds of online sports betting websites available. While that may seem like finding the right one for you will be easy, that’s not the case.

Sorting the best sports betting services from the worst is easier said than done. Luckily, some companies are known for their quality. Below you will find the top 10 online bookmakers in the UK. Many major online casinos now have sports betting, while many traditional bookies have opened casinos.

You can check out some of these venues, including the popular Virgin Bet, and get all information on what bonuses they offer.

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Betfair is known around the world as one of the best online sportsbooks and has been serving the online betting community for nearly two decades. The venue is important in the history of online sports betting as it debuted the world’s first betting exchange. It since developed into a full bookie and the Betfair Sportsbook is much respected amongst casino players.

It has a wide selection of betting markets, both in-play and pre-game. Supporting wagers across a diverse range of events means visitors at Betfair can likely find the bet they want to make. Because it is an established player in the online sportsbook market, Betfair also provides some excellent bonuses and promotions.


Bet365 is the most popular bookmaker in the world and has gained its popularity for a reason. Since being founded in England in 2000, Bet365 has enjoyed massive growth and is now one of the UK’s largest privately-owned companies. Of course, you’re here for the sports betting and not the company’s business success. You’re in luck because Bet365 has one of the most complete sportsbook offerings available.

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When you visit Bet365, you will be greeted by a massive number of markets across a wide range of sports and events. This extensive coverage means you can find some real betting gems not available on other venues. Over the years, Bet365 has also become respected for its competitive odds, which give users more chance of success.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is both one of the most famous and infamous bookies in the world, thanks to it’s interesting, original, and sometimes controversial adverts. However, this Irish bookie is also one of the biggest sportsbooks on the planet and has been in the sports betting arena since way back in 1988. Paddy Power has seen all the trends come and go and has remained one of the most consistent betting experiences. It is worth pointing out Paddy Power and Betfair merged into a single company in 2016, but both continue to operate independently.

A giant at land-based locations and online, Paddy Power is the third-largest online sportsbook and is known for offering whacky bets that other bookies do not. If you want to bet on controversial or crazy lines, Paddy Power is the place for you. For the conventional bettor, the sportsbook supports over 40 sports.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the most established and recognized bookmakers in the industry. First opened in 1934, the company expanded over the decades to become synonymous with British land-based bookies. While it is self-proclaimed, the company’s slogan of “The Home of Betting” is accurate. William Hill was also one of the first major online bookies, opening its website back in 1998.

Thanks to its market position, William Hill can offer some of the best football odds, especially across the major leagues. It also has an array of betting markets and numerous tweak bets for single events and matches. Like other major bookmakers, William Hill also operates a live streaming service of major sporting games. However, it’s WHTV is arguably the most robust streaming platform in sports betting, offering more games than many rivals.


NetBet is something of a curiosity in the online casino world. The company is established and has been available since 2001. However, it still somehow flies under the radar. That’s interesting because NetBet has some of the best bonuses and betting markets available. Noted for innovative technology and high-end security, NetBet covers all popular UK sporting markets and even events such as e-sports.

There is a good amount of betting coverage across each sport, however, some in-play markets are missing for lower league football games. Still, that does not mean NetBet is low on markets as you will still find plenty of interesting bets from obscure leagues and sporting events. There is a lot to like about NetBet, including their various bonuses, which are often amongst the most lucrative.

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The best bookies are the ones that have closed down.

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