Island businesses are being given the opportunity to find out more about what Visit Isle of Wight will be doing in 2019.

This week sees the start of a series of drop in sessions for Wight BID levy payers and voluntary contributors to find out more about how their money has been spent, and an idea of how next year’s campaigns are shaping up.

Will Myles, Managing Director of Visit Isle of Wight says it’s a great opportunity to pop in and have a face to face chat:

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“Come and see us, we’ll tell you what we’re doing, tell you what we’ve done and the successes we’ve had with the Wight BID money that everyone’s paid and what we’re going to be doing next year to promote this island.

“We’re still developing ideas, but overall it’s going to be a thematic approach, to come and discover the Island, and discover the Island for lot’s of different things, so we’re challenging perceptions on the mainland.”

It’s the second time this year that Visit Isle of Wight have held the drop-in sessions in a variety of locations island wide, in a bid to reach out and increase the level of communication between Wight BID levy payers, Voluntary Contributors and the Island’s destination management organisation.

The full list of where the small team from Visit Isle of Wight will be over the next few weeks can be found below, or at

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