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The Island’s MP, Andrew Turner says that the Conservatives are united and committed to making Brexit a success following last week’s House of Commons Vote on the Government’s timetable for leaving the EU.

Of the 550 MPs who took part in last week’s vote, 89 MPs voted to defy the will of the British people. The motion was passed with a majority of 372.

The group voting against consisted of 51 Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs, 23 Labour MPs, 5 Liberal Democrats and the Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas. 1 Conservative MP, Ken Clarke, also opposed the motion.

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Andrew Turner MP commented on the vote:

“On 23rd June the British people voted on whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU.  The outcome of the referendum was clear, and a great many MPs who believed differently have now accepted the result.  This overwhelming majority in the House of Commons gives the Government a mandate to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.  But there are still some MPs on the opposition benches who believe that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU should be stopped.

“This vote shows that the Conservatives are united, and that we are committed to making Brexit a success.  We are the party that is looking forward, while the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party are continuing to fight the referendum result rather than focusing on how Britain will succeed as an independent nation.”

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