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The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has recognised a group of individuals who have made a significant contribution to healthcare on the Island.

At a Trust Board meeting last Wednesday (7th December), a group of nominated staff members were recognised for their efforts.

Speaking after the meeting Chief Executive Officer, Karen Baker said:

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“As a former nurse and midwife I know the extraordinary lengths our staff go to delivering caring services to Islanders. We take the opportunity every month to recognise individuals who have gone the extra mile or set a great example for colleagues.

“Particular congratulations to Teresa Woolven who was nominated by a patient as ‘Employee of the Month’ for August 2016. Week in week out our staff strive to do their very best for patients and it is important that we take the time to appreciate those who are outstanding at what they do for us all.”

You can nominate a Trust employee for an award via the Trust’s website at

The nominees recognised at the 7th December Trust Board meeting include:

Employee of the Month August 2016

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• Teresa Woolven, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Department

This presentation was delayed as Teresa was unable to attend for the last Board presentations in October and November.  Nomination by Patient: Teresa saw me when I came into A&E on the 6th August. She was amazing and organised pain relief, X-rays etc. Unfortunately I then had to return to hospital late afternoon and I was admitted and again the help she gave was amazing, she even came to the ward to check how I was and this was 1½ hours after she should have finished her shift. All the staff were very good and helpful but Teresa excelled in her duties.

Employee Role Model

• Kathryn Taylor, Operations Manager – Clinical Support, Cancer & Diagnostics CBU

Kathryn was nominated jointly with Stephen Wheeler – Project Manager.  Stephen is currently away from work and will receive his award at the 8th February Trust Board meeting.  The nomination said: Throughout a ‘look back’ exercise Kathryn and Stephen worked unusually hard to validate 3,118 patients.  This involved a systematic approach to validation. They worked exceptionally hard to ensure that every patient was clinically and non-clinically validated.  Kathryn demonstrated an amazing ability to juggle her day job with this extra work whilst contacting a number of patients to confirm their status on the waiting list. This required her to be patient, kind and compassionate. This could not have been easy given the tremendous scope of this look back exercise. It is with this in mind that they should be recognised for their tremendous efforts and commitment to the Trusts values and behaviours.

• Kim Hayter, Senior Staff Nurse, Woodlands

Kim was nominated by two second year nursing students who wrote: We are two students who have been mentored by Staff Nurse, Kim Hayter and feel that she deserves recognition for the incredible work she carries out at Woodlands.  We have found her inspiring, energetic and continually striving to ensure a high standard of patient care at Woodlands.   Despite being pressured for her time she warmly accepted an extra student to ensure her learning needs were met and as such felt herself to be a welcomed and valued member of the team.    Kim has demonstrated a consistently positive attitude towards all challenges she faces and takes on extra responsibilities when the task is beneficial to staff and patient moral.  We have been very lucky to have a brilliant mentor who has given us the freedom to take on the roles suited to our capabilities whilst ensuring that we are supported throughout by taking time to reflect on any particularly difficult shifts or situations we may have faced.  She has helped us greatly to work with our strengths and address any weaknesses we have felt we may have. Due to this I feel capable to begin my career as a staff nurse and my student colleague has gained valuable skills and confidence in her practice. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside Kim Hayter and feel she is a very valuable member of the Woodlands team. Whoever has the fortune of having Kim as a mentor in the future will be a very lucky person indeed!

Going the Extra Mile

• Community Crisis Response Team

The team were nominated by Charlotte Hudd, Acting Manager from Eden House (Community Care Home).  The certificate was received by Nurse Practitioner Lucy Monk on behalf of Crisis Response Team.   Charlotte wrote: I would like to convey my sincerest thanks and gratitude for the nurse-led Crisis Team Lead by Lucy Monk.  I have worked closely with her and her team over recent weeks. Their service is invaluable as they demonstrate commitment, compassion and conscience in their approach to care delivery.  Their patient advocacy and management of coordinating allied services to place their patient at the centre of care is exceptional. I have observed them go above and beyond, managing barriers which continue to present from other services which continue to feel the strain of poor resourcing and funding. As I have observed over the last two days, if it was not for their perseverance and dedication a patient would have been placed at risk of serious neglect, without this service remaining in place near misses and failures in care will occur.  Lucy and her team are a credit to the Island’s health and social care teams and the MLFL shared vision of partnership working.

• Admissions Team, PAAU

The nomination reads: The Admissions team have gone the extra mile over recent months despite working to restraints due to long term sickness.   The team have managed to reduce the number of patients waiting over 40 weeks, worked extra hours to ensure utilisation of admissions to hospitals and supported each other during times of extreme pressure.

• Janet Valentine, Ambulance Service Administrator/PA to Head of Ambulance

The nomination reads: Janet is an extremely valued member of the administrative team; she is adaptable, calm and collected.  Janet carries out multiple administrative roles within a team that is currently short staffed.  She is a fountain of knowledge of all things Ambulance and Administration and this is called upon regularly by all of the team in the Hub when information is required.  She always goes above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of the Ambulance Service, Patient Transport and Integrated Care Hub without complaint, and with a positive attitude.

• Jenna Williams, Ambulance Service Administrator

The nomination reads: Jenna is a valued member of the Integrated Care Hub Administrative Team, this team is understaffed currently and Jenna is often asked to cover a multitude of different roles alongside her own.  Jenna goes above and beyond her job role on an extremely regular basis often at very short notice. As Jenna is multi trained she often is called upon without notice to cover other jobs such as manning the Switchboard and co-ordinating the volunteer hospital car service. Jenna always does this with a smile and positive attitude without complaint even when she is extremely busy. Jenna has proven herself to be a worthy recipient of a going the extra mile award.

• Alexandra Holbrook, Finance Manager, Medicine & Surgery CBU

The nomination reads: Alex has been the allocated finance lead for our CBU since its formation a year ago. In that time she has provided a comprehensive and responsive service to all our budget holders and to those who can impact on or influence the CBU’s expenditure. She has provided coaching to new staff in post and helpful support to individuals who have struggled with their finance responsibilities. She is a fully embedded member of our team, making the time to come and hot desk out in the GMO and attends departmental meetings face to face. She adjusts her delivery to her audience while maintaining a consistent message.  Financial information and reports are always supplied to deadline and to a high quality. She tolerates repeated queries and iterations of requests for information with extreme good temper. Her consistently high levels of service have raised the reputation of finance in our clinical areas. 

• Geoff Turner & Rob Bollen, Patient Transport Service Drivers

The nomination reads: After asking for the crew of patient transport to keep an eye out for our ‘own bought’ wheelchairs, they turned up with four of them.  We were down to our last one so we are very grateful and give our sincere thanks to them

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