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Motorists heading in and out of Ryde are facing delays this afternoon (Monday) as a result of a single vehicle road traffic collision at Binstead.

A Toyota Yaris has collided head-on into a lamp post causing not only significant damage to the vehicle, but leaving a street light hanging dangerously too.

The incident has occurred on Binstead Road at the junction of Gwydyr Close.

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The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service are on scene having been alerted to the incident at around 14:20. They are tending to the driver of the car.

Police are also in attendance with officers directing traffic in both directions. Traffic is heavy in the area and as a result there are delays to Southern Vectis buses.

Island Roads have already arrived at Binstead to make the scene safe.

UPDATE – The scene has now been cleared and traffic has returned to normal levels.

Only minor injuries were sustained in the crash, it has been confirmed.

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How fast was the lamp post travelling

Martin Ryde

How the hell do you manage to stack your car into a lamppost ? Lol ..

John Wheeler

Probably confused by the name of the road. Gwndyr? More vowels needed!

Don't tell him pike.

More bad lamp posts on the isle of wight .

Will Storey

I see Garry Fry has (or had) another new car…

Michael Thomas

I seen a black lamp post as it bounced off the bonnet of my car, I had to swerve a few times before I hit it!! lol.
I thought the lamp post looked a bit out of place, so I couldn’t avoid giving it a little kink to match!! lol

on a serious note though without knowing the circumstances I hope the driver was legal, and ok, but I am guessing as he/she didn’t do a runner then they must have been legally driving.

Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w

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