Island-born time trial cyclist Matt Harris finished a respectable 14th place on yesterday’s 10mile P883 course on the A3 between Liss and Burlton, the first time he had taken part in the road race.

A unsurprising frosty, cold and windy TT in the South was the challenge that faced Matt and the A3CRG team of Charlie Mitchell and Seb Ader.

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Matt said: “Things seemed to work out just fine today, we had a go
od amount of time to warm up, fueled up just right and we felt positive.”

He continued: “I hadn’t raced the P883 before, so I wasn’t entirely sure where the drags/rises were, so with hindsight, I should have pushed a lot harder in the first half of the race into the headwind. Inexperience and early season, fair error to make really so I shan’t beat myself up too badly about that!”

Team member Seb Ader took the top stop, coming first with a brilliant time of 00:20:17. Charlie came in at 4th with a time of 00:20:48. Matt has a respectable time of 00:22:10.

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