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A 40ft yacht which sank off the coast of the Isle of Wight on Monday has been raised and towed to Cowes this afternoon (Thursday).

The vessel, with 3 Swiss men on board, snagged the anchor chain of No 2 buoy on approach to Cowes Harbour, causing the vessel to lose its rudder and start taking on water.

A Mayday call was issued and 2 lifeboats, 2 car ferries, a catamaran, Cowes Harbour Launch, a Police launch and another vessel all rushed to the aid of the trio.

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As it was clear the yacht would eventually sink, everyone was taken off the craft and Cowes Harbour released a tow line to take the yacht further away from the shipping lane. The sinking finally occurred off Gurnard, leaving just part of the mast above the water.

This afternoon the boat was towed to Shephards Wharf Marina, Cowes. The position of the yacht is immediately south of the entrance to Shepards Marina, made fast to the
pontoon. The yacht is marked with a temporary blue and yellow vertically striped wreck marking buoy Fl.Y.4s.

All mariners are advised to keep a good lookout when in the area.

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