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Military forces have taken action to bring the Nave Andromeda situation to an end under the cover of darkness.

7 stowaways threatened the crew of the oil tanker earlier on today, as previously reported by Island Echo, leading to the vessel being locked down with the crew fearing for their lives.

Island Echo was the first to publish photos of the tanker at anchor off Ventnor, where it has remained all day since the alarm was raised at around 10:00.

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Now, following a request for the military’s assistance by Police, the Special Boat Service have executed a raid on the vessel.

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It’s understood all 7 stowaways have been detained and the vessel is now safe once again.

All 22 crew on board are safe, albeit shaken, and have full control.

It’s thought that the tanker will head into the Port of Southampton under escort in due course.

Military helicopters have been flying to and from the vessel in the past 30 minutes as operators executed their mission. It comes after 2 Chinook helicopters landed at the SBS’ base in Dorset. 3 helicopters have now departed the area and are flying south.

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No one is thought to have been injured in the incident, which has lasted just under 10 hours.

It’s thought the stowaways have been on board the Nave Andromeda for several days, possibly weeks, having boarded in Nigeria.

In the past few minutes the Ministry of Defence has said:

“In response to a police request, the Defence Secretary and Home Secretary authorised Armed Forces personnel to board a ship in the English Channel to safeguard life and secure a ship that was subject to suspected hijacking.

“Armed forces have gained control of the ship and seven individuals have been detained.
Police investigations will now continue. Initial reports confirm the crew are safe and well.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace MP has tonight said:

“I commend the hard work of the Armed Forces and police to protect lives and secure the ship. In dark skies, and worsening weather, we should all be grateful for our brave personnel. People are safe tonight thanks to their efforts.”

UPDATE @ 21:40 – It’s understood that the mission took just 7 to 9 minutes to complete and involved both the Special Boat Service and Royal Navy divers.

A Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter was used in the operation alongside 2 Royal Navy Merlin helicopters. Hot refuelling took place at Lee-on-Solent.

It is unknown where the 7 detained individuals have been taken and what charges they face.

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Bob colins

Should of been sorted hours ago lol
Perhaps they had to finish off Sunday lunch before everyone swung into action

Last edited 30 days ago by Bob colins
Fed up



More likely awaiting dark to swing in to action.

Guess what

What a stupid comment I’m sure they would of done it earlier if it was safe to do so but doing it in the dark gives them the element of surprise


Bob the hijacked vessel capture specialist ! Get off your sofa loser….


They stormed the ship under the cover of darkness, read before making an idiotic comment. Complete prat.

Hendrick Olsan

So long as we don’t now end up paying for these beings to stay and commit the most horrendous crimes on our women and children, and these parasites are returned to where they belong.

Shame they weren’t shot, ‘resisting’ arrest.

I am not a civilian.

And why would they commit crimes on women and children? And why are they parasites?

Dicky Daniels

So threatening lives of crew isn’t a crime!

For 2 Pins..

Take YOUR female family members on holiday to their country, or anywhere they live en masse and leave them to walk the streets alone.

It is the ONLY way people like you will ever learn, and even then you will likely still blame anything else but..

Steven Willet

I am not a civ.

Try turning your brightness down on your TV, seems it it way too high.

Or take the PC blinkers off, just occasionally.

Spec savers might be another option.


Send them back in the tank of the tanker – vermin

I am not a civilian.

You are a moron, making comments about things you probably have no experience of, I didn’t sit around watching television in the Forces and I don’t now. The same goes for “For 2 Pins”, unlike some of you I have lived and fought in other countries. Twats.


Thank god it’s over

For 2 Pins..

Well they have ‘got’ what they want. In the UK, now they will likely be here forever filling our land with their vile clones to ensure the ruination of future generations of decent peoples lives.


So basically immigrants from another country have now cost us as taxpayers significant amounts of money in order for special forces and for our police to be involved and I’m pretty confident that these individuals will now be kept in the UK and looked after and we will probably also have to fund the cost for repatriation, Tell me this, Why is it that it is always those who don’t pay into our system whether it be UK citizens who have never worked and have no intention of working or whether is immigrants that come to our country that seem… Read more »


well said . i am pissed off paying in and getting sod all out
40 years paying in and never had a bean off the state

Dave E.

What, you’ve never been to hospital, or used the doctors?Never drove on a road or been to school? Never had your bins emptied or benefited from street lighting? Never had to use the services of the police, ambulance or fire brigade?Never had to use social services, been to the leisure centres, swam in the pool? See, you have benefitted from paying in for 40yrs, that’s how it works andy.


Just proves british special forces are the best in the world, well done guys.


Just send them back to where they came from thy are just scum not wanted here

Ed Down

They forgot about the chef


If the alarm was raised at 10am it should have been over by 11am. There is supposed to be a rapid reaction force on standby, why all the p ——–g about ?


Waiting for the dark dumbass


No doubt you’re an expert on seizing hijacked vessels ?


Probably plays to much call of duty.


Read the article they stormed the ship under the cover of darkness that’s not pissing about.

Treat people with respect

Some of the comments are not good we don’t know these people and why they did what they did but to call another human being scum and vermin isn’t nice for all we know they may of stowed away to get away from trouble in their country and we can’t tint everyone with the same brush. I’m English and married to a Nigerian they are the nicest people but as all countries you get the bad ones.


I’m afraid you are wasting your time with the “Vermin” that comment here!

Soldier of fortune

There are so many comments on here made by people that have no idea what they are talking about. These people are, in my mind, the scum that are worse than the people they are moaning about. Let’s make suppositions about the incident, think it is fact, and publish some moronic comment. Unless you were on the ship then you don’t know the facts.


I’m not people person in generol but I’m not racist I’m not homophobe.. Unfortunately many people still are.. And many patriots Who thinks just because they happen to be born here all land just belongs to them.. Like MINE MINE MINE.. Well it’s not..
Doesn’t matter what country you are from which by the way person don’t choose where its born doesn’t matter what race you are.. Its about individual..
Unfortunately many people are devided by their Nation.. Race..etc..
Patriots sucks.. Migration is not a crime..
NO matter race or nationality people do horrible things….


What an utter deluded jackass you are. Globalists really are complete scum of the earth.


Oh please. If these people were white right-wing Christians you would be SCREAMING (like you did at the EU referendum results) to have these people deported. And you know it.


I didn’t vote for brexit and I’m not religious.. What the f you writing about stupi* idio* you are….


They will be arrested, court and custodial sentence. They will claim asylum, interviewed by Home Office officials and their asylum claim refused whilst in prison. They will have the right of appeal against the decision of refusal of asylum and a left wing, human rights solicitor will fight their corner, on obviously, legal aid. They will eventually, because of their custodial sentence be deported and not just refused and returned to their country of origin but at the end, the cost to the tax payer will be astronomical, and during this time they will be also receiving three square meals… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Yep, they’ll be housed in P Feth Ryde before you know it!!!!


They were captured prior to touching UK soil so no assylum. It does not count when in custody. Thanks should go to the SBS and RN guys. A very quick job well executed at short notice, especially with the sea state and gusting wind. Well done guys.


It doesn’t work like that. They are now in the UK and can claim asylum. If or when arrested they will go through normal court procedures and at anytime they can claim .


Thankfully a peaceful resolution for, but hey least they were’nt from Syria hey…..you know that country we turned our backs on because there was no profit for this great nation……a very long time ago that……we should all count our selves lucky for what we have, maybe consider why folk are so desperate to carry out such acts before such comments are posted, some day soon we shall reap what we’ve sown, Yemen, Syria,Babylonia,India,Pakistan,Palestine…….but yeah we’re so great…..we’re allright Jack……p.s anyone needing help not in your backyard!!!

Opinions Matter

Very well done to all involved in bringing this situation to a speedy end. Our armed forces have done an excellent job. Well done boys and girls


They were only trying to get a free ride back to pan est


Racism, xenophobia and unkindness to people wont get you anywhere but a life of black and white. What is done is done. Move on. “Vermin” or not the disgusting words to describe these people who more or likely have no choice but to steal and take are truly saddening. Give peace not hatred.


You are right, racism against whites wont get you anywhere. Hatred against conservatives won’t get you anywhere. Hatred against straight men won’t get you anywhere. Yet you left-wing jackasses still spew hatred. And nothing but. 🙂

Eve Shipman

Ha! I’m looking for someone to play the part of Joseph Goebbels in a new documentary. There appear to be quite a few prospective candidates among the readership who could play the part convincingly.


Try the Liebour Party’s Tony B(liar). He started a illegal, mass genocidal, war in the middle-east, causing huge destabilisation, death, doom, and destruction.

Tonald Drump

What did they expect? Seven of them breaking the rule of six covid law.!!

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