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Ryde Town Council look set to be made special purchasers of Ryde Harbour and Eastern Gardens, it has been announced.

A delegated decision is due to be made by Councillor Stuart Hutchinson over the future of the Isle of Wight Council assets.

The Town Council will have to prepare a full business plan within a period of 3 months to allow things to move to the next stage. If accepted, terms of the purchase of the harbour will be discussed, alongside the terms of adjoining land – part of the Quay Road car park by the skate park and Eastern Gardens.

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If Ryde Town Council cannot produce a sound business case then the harbour will go on the open market after 1st April 2020. There would be a restrictive covenant on the use of the harbour.

It has suggested that Ventnor Harbour does not go on the open market until after 1st April 2020.

Representations by councillors must be made by 22nd November.

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Dicky Daniels

Should not be paid for by more huge poll tax increases.

Az-zahra Aziz

Harbour stinks and full of rubbish, and the grass splattered with dog doo doo’s and in Summer chavs. Wait until a further thousand homes destroy the little character which remains of Ryde. Ruined, not for a while, but for the rest of time. Shame as no pubs or Hotels in Ryde take advantage of the wonderful sea views along the entire long Ryde coast, just a long dogs toilet area on the most beautiful golden sand safe beaches. Ryde needs a Gunwarfe type development to attract people, not just some dirty little pond Harbour, which to even see the sea… Read more »

John Healy

Ryde Harbour should have a lock system Parking should be free The pier must be upgraded It is the first impression visitors have It and the bus station are shabby Look at The Harbour Arm at Folkestone to see what can be done The Ice Rink must be made into multi sport and multi use building Don’t waste this once in a lifetime opportunity

Gary Fisher

phew!! we can all relax, hopfully they can bring all the expertise they used dealing with the chain ferry.


One day there will be no assets left to sell.

Az-zahra Aziz

The family silver was sold years ago, now selling the EPNS. Why the council can’t lease, or rent out assets to keep a flow of cash, rather than gain a lump sum which will be blown on ‘ring fenced’ mini criminals, half daft odd balls, and disabled, all of whom are a minority, all of whom will never amount to anything but take, never pay into society, all under the guise of ‘adult social care’.

The above are giving state aid, no need for council tax payers to fund their worthless lives as well.


That’s very harsh on the genuine disabled. Hope it never happens to you aziz or whatever you like to call yourself!

Colin peart


Az-zahra Aziz

Colin, I remember you had a cat called ‘Corky’ years ago, back in the 60’s, and you were then into model aircraft?

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