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Emergency services have been called to a road traffic collision in Upper Ventnor tonight (Friday) as a result of a car colliding with 2 parked vehicles.

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service and Police officers have all been called to the incident on Newport Road, between Cornwall Road and Downlands Cresent.

The main Wroxall to Ventnor road has been blocked in both directions, although cars are diverting locally around nearby side roads.

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Debris has been left scattered across the carriageway following the 3-car collision, which has left all the vehicles heavily damaged vehicles.

One resident has told Island Echo that they heard a ‘loud bang’ and went outside to investigate – along with other nearby residents – and to give assistance prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

Firefighters from Sandown and Newport are carrying out scene safety. Photos show that the door of one of the vehicles has been removed.

UPDATE @ 00:15 – Southern Vectis Route 3 buses are now on diversion via Whitwell until further notice. Buses are unable to serve bus stops from Godshill School to York Road.

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UPDATE @ 00:30 – 1 injured party – thought to be the male driver – has been conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital via land ambulance. Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

UPDATE SATURDAY -A 39-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop, aggravated vehicle taking and criminal damage.

Police have confirmed that the collision occurred at around 23:20 and involved 3 vehicles. A VW Golf collided with 2 parked cars.

The arrested male remains in custody at this time.

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What speed was that driver doing might be a little over the limit


If this is the same white golf the prick nearly hit me head on on Fairlee and forced me to break with everything I had, because he was driving on the wrong side of the road and I was unable to see the road because of the cars blinding bright lights . Glad it was parked cars that we’re destroyed and not someone’s life.


This Golf could be the one that cut me up & then when I got nearly behind him he or she jumped red lights, they are cowards & idiots, lock them up when caught!

john miller

Charged with failing to stop…were the police chasing him at the time?


Failing to stop? Looks like he stopped to me!


What is going on lately?
There to me seems no deterrent for these morons that steal & write off vehicle which they don’t own.
Bring back National Service so these (can’t be humans) can learn right from wrong!
All these people affected by the actions of this probably drunk idiot.


Why would the armed forces want the daft twat?

John Smith

Target practice!

j tarran

great answer

Island independence now!

Won’t have insurance to cover the damage
Yet again decent hard working people will have to pick up the bill for the scumbags!


He overtook us flashing his lights and had no rear lights in use. That was a few minutes before the accident as we caught up and arrived at the scene just after it happened. Very dangerous in the pitch black dark and so glad it was parked cars.


Hope all you potential witnesses give your details to the police, to assist in their prosecution of this low-life


I hear cars racing down Newport road most nights, and this was always going to happen. It’s only a year or so since another accident at exactly the same place which wrote off 2 or 3 cars, and only a few weeks since a speeder demolished a wall and garden (for the 3rd time) a bit further down by the bad bends to Wroxall. It is just morons trying to prove how dumb they are by showing off to their ‘mates’ who are too scared to do the same dumb thing they push idiots into doing! Trouble is, as we… Read more »

Clare Steen

The standard of driving on the Island is very worrying these days, something must be done.
Far too many aggressive people allowed to drive, it’s getting out of control.


More Morons, this is now all to familiar, get these brainless idiots off the road before more injuries or worse.

Fred Nurke

39 is a bit old to be behaving like that. Most others have grown up by then, surely?

Old bean

Probably one of the idiots that was on the military road last Sunday overtaking on blind bends in there pathetic tarty cars


Massive kudos to the clean up team!!! I had to drive through this road at 9:15am and there wasn’t even a scrap of evidence to suggest that someone has slipped on a drain cover, let alone had a considerable accident! Well done to the people who have to clean up our messes!!

Az-zahra Aziz

They are paid, and paid well for it

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