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The actions of an Isle of Wight man are thought to have saved a toddler’s life on a packed beach at Shanklin this afternoon (Tuesday).

Chris Goddard was enjoying the glorious sunshine at Shanklin with his family when he noticed a young child – thought to be no older than 2 – enter the water whilst chasing their hat, which had flown off.

Within seconds the youngster was overcome by the waves and went under the water before being throw towards the groyne, prompting Chris from St Lawrence to dash across the beach.

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Thankfully, he got there just in time and was able to rescue the child, who was shaken but uninjured.

Clinging on to Chris tightly, the young boy was take back to his parents. Although the parents were on the beach at the time of the incident they are said to have lost concentration on their child’s whereabouts for just a few minutes – but it is in that short period of time that a day at the beach could have ended in tragedy.

Kirsti Bates has taken to Facebook to share today’s story to make others aware of the dangers of being at the seaside. She has said:

“The weather is getting warmer but please remember to watch your children in the sea. Please don’t rely on others to watch your kids.

“It could’ve been a very different end to their day!”

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Meanwhile in Ryde, 2 children and their mother were pulled from the sea by a passing boat this afternoon.

A RIB from Fishbourne-based Rebel Marine was travelling towards Bembridge when the skipper came across 2 children on inflatables being swept out to sea. Moreover, a distressed mother was trying to rescue the youngsters but was struggling to keep her head above the water.

Spotting the situation arising, Rebel Marine’s crew jumped into action and rescued the trio. They were retrieved from the water and taken to a place of safety.

The hot weather is set to continue with Thursday anticipated to be the hottest day of the year. Read more at☀%EF%B8%8F/.

If you or someone else is in difficulty on the coast or at sea, or if you spot what you think may be unexploded ordnance, then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Further safety information can be found at

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Richard collins
Richard collins

Can happen so fast. Must have been very scary for all.

betty boo
betty boo

The tide is deceptively strong at the moment in Shanklin: watch out!

Jane kadoo
Jane kadoo

Well done Chris. Hope you’re all ok xx

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