HaydenWightlinkLCMFour Wightlink-LCM Systems Cycle Race Team members travelled to Thruxton for the second of the Behind the Bikeshed evening series on Tuesday (28th April).

James Ebdon lined up in the elite race which consisted of 12 laps of the race circuit. In a bunch of 50, Ebdon sat tight for the first 4 laps, then on the 5th lap attacked with 6 other riders. The small group held the fast moving bunch off for a lap but were then reeled in.

Coming into the finish Ebdon was in a good position near the front but with 400m to go he got boxed in on the right hand side. He finished safely but disappointed in the middle of the pack.

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Matt Allsopp, Ian Hayden (pictured) and Stu Waite lined up next in the 3rd cat race which was 9 laps. All 3 were active during the race, chasing breakaways down and setting the pace.

On the last lap, Hayden and Waite led Allsopp out for the sprint finish where he took a top 10 finish with the others taking top 20 places.

Photographed: Ian Hayden by James Ebdon

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