Film producer John Furse will be visiting the Isle of Wight on Saturday (6th October) for a one-off screening of his recently released film, GROUNDSWELL: The Grassroots Battle for the NHS.

Groundswell is a moving and inspiring David and Goliath documentary about ordinary people from all walks of life challenging the free marketeers’ annexation of the NHS and their 40-year dominance. The film lifts the lid on what lies behind the NHS crisis but John has been unable to get support for his film from TV broadcasters.

From his hospice bed, 85-year-old Lovejoy star Dudley Sutton pleads: “I’ve been looked after by the NHS all my life. Don’t let it go! Don’t flog it away!”

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Sutton’s death bed fears echo those of Lord David Owen, former Minister Of Health commenting on NHS England’s plans to radically transform the NHS. “The NHS in England will be completely destroyed by 2020” he said in March 2014.

Island residents will see how communities in other outlying areas of England like the North Devon countryside face similar travel problems and availability of services. And how they are far from alone in their concerns at what is happening to the NHS.

All are welcome to the screening on Saturday 6th October at Newport’s Quay Arts Centre, between 18:00 and 21:00.

Reserve your free seat at or call 01983 299432.

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