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Police have descended on Sandown tonight (Wednesday) following what is understood to be a robbery at a local convenience store.

Several police units, along with the support of the National Police Air Support helicopter from Bournemouth, have been scouring the area following the incident at the Central Convenience store on Avenue Road.

It is believed that a male demanded cash from the till before making off shortly before 21:00.

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The same store was subject to a robbery only 8 days ago when an unknown male stole cash and tobacco after threatening staff with a bottle of liquid, feared to have been acid.

Police have established a cordon around the front of the shop tonight.

It is currently unknown what was taken during tonight’s incident and whether or not any arrests have been made.

Anyone with information of any persons acting suspiciously in the area, or fleeing the scene, should contact police on 101 – or 999 in an emergency.

UPDATE @ 23:50 – The shop is expected to remain closed tomorrow (Thursday) as Police continue to investigate the incident.

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A sign in the window says that due to tonight’s incident, the shop will remain closed until further notice.

An internal and external cordon has been established.

Hampshire Constabulary have been approached for a statement.

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These people are scum & want locking away when caught, hope it’s soon
Why don’t these lazy scumbags get a job instead of stealing.
The only issue is they would steal from employer, catch them & remove a finger each time,they are so thick they would loose them all in a short time


Probably same person as last week

Night Observer

The police helicopter was back over Sandown at around 01:50 presumably in relation to the earlier incident.

A.N Other

I do feel so sorry for the staff of these shops, they must feel dreadful having been placed under so much stress and worry.


Should have to work alone, especially at nights


Totally agree shouldn’t have to work alone


would have thought that after the first time they would have upgraded security ie a guard or more cameras but no as usual money is tight wait untill a assistant is hurt then they will have to pay out compensation best wishes to the staff at this store they are pleasent good humered and the reason people use the store


Totally agree . Following last week’s incident the owners should have ensured that measures were in place for the safety of staff. Cost cutting and no forward planning


Retail is a very competitive market. Pric s are tight. These little stores don’t do enough turn over to cover a massive over head. Easy to say employ more people. Even if there were more staff on duty would they confront the thief?! We as a community need to protect our own. We need to inform police of offenders and criminal talk. We need to protect our community or we won’t have one.


I used to shop there’s all the time because if how nice am she humoured the staff are

Paul O'Rourke

No doubt the perpetrator is already known to the police. Our criminal justice system needs drastic overhauling, extra police and zero tolerance particularly where drugs are involved, as drugs use and debt fuel most robberies.

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