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andrewturnerheadshotfeaturedThe confirmation that the Prime Minister Theresa May intends to invoke Article 50 by the end of March 2017 has been welcomed by the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner. 

Article 50 is the trigger of the formal procedure to leave the European Union, and once the process is started it must be completed within 2 years.

The Prime Minister has also given some details about the Great Repeal Bill which will form part of the next Queen’s Speech. This will repeal the European Communities Act of 1972 and pass all EU laws into British law which can then be repealed or amended by Parliament.

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May said :

“We are going to be a fully independent, sovereign country – a country that is no longer part of a political union with supranational institutions that can override national parliaments and courts”.

The Prime Minister has also made it clear that there will be an end to the free movement of people, saying that the country will take back control of immigration.

Mr Turner has today (Monday) said:

“The Prime Minister’s speech was at Conservative Party Conference, but be in no doubt she was speaking to the nation.  She was telling the British people she will honour the decision they made on 23rd June and starting to give some detail about what Brexit will look like and when it will happen.

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“There has been much speculation about what the future holds. Those who tried to keep us in the EU by saying the sky would fall in if we voted Leave have been proved wrong. Even now some MPs seek to challenge the outcome of the referendum, despite voting for it in the first place. That is quite wrong. I have always been clear that I want the UK to leave the EU; and on 23rd June the British people were finally allowed to give their verdict. The result is we will be out of the EU before the end of this Parliament. As a member of the European Scrutiny and Public Administration Select Committees I will be playing my part in making sure Brexit is a success”.

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