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A pedestrian has been struck by a vehicle in Brading this morning (Thursday) – the second such incident in the town in the past week.

Police and paramedics are on scene at New Road – between High Street and Yarbridge – having been alerted to the incident at just before 07:40.

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The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service have mobilised an ambulance crew and an officer to the scene, but the individual’s injuries are not thought to be serious.

One witness who saw the incident unfold has said:

”The car didn’t have a chance to stop”.

The road remains open in both directions although there are some minor delays.

Today’s incident comes less than 7 days after a pedestrian was injured after being hit by a car on Morton Common.

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UPDATE @ 10:00 – A 14-year-old boy has been conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital this morning. His injuries are more serious than first feared.

An investigation into the incident, which involved a local Mazda 2 car, is underway.

The Mazda has sustained damage to the nearside front.

The Collision Investigation Unit from the mainland has been called to the scene. They are expected to arrive in Brading later this morning.

UPDATE @ 12:35Island Echo understands the teenager has been flown to a mainland hospital this lunchtime.

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RULE OF THE THUMB…. where there are built up areas, should be 20 miles per hour with humps to slow down vehicles. The traffic from Brading to Lake is awful and death traps. Come on, its common sense, traffic calming is the answer here and include Perowne Way please. These roads are not motorways. TWENTY IS PLENTY!! http://www.20splenty.org/


A witness, did say the car driver didn’t stand a chance!!


Doesn’t mean anything cars speed through there everyday and don’t slow down when anyone crosses

Don’t care

Shut up. You don’t know the facts so be quiet you annoying git

Lesley Riley

Yes it does, that road is a death trap. I know the road well, and 95% of you speed on it.



Bob smith

Humps, yep great idea.
Blue light drivers will love you

Patricia Mitchell

They do it every day in London so am sure they can drive over the humps safely over here. Everyone speeds on the island in any case – should have speed cameras everywhere – Council could then make up any deficits and be able to give themselves a decent bonus!


Twenty should be plenty in some areas.. Newchurch is now supposed to be twenty, very, very few vehicles adhere to it. Its a joke. It does not work. The parish council was told it would not work unless there were speed bumps or cameras. But they know best..NOT…


Imagine being in an Ambulance racing to hospital in an emergency, say with a back injury and having to negotiate speed bumps. Brilliant!

Az-zahra Aziz

IMAGINE, when the thousand plus homes, and EVEN more cars are funnelled through Brading to serve these houses.

The builders and those making a lot of cash, YOU can be sure, won’t be living anywhere near the chaos, and as here, carnage they create that our greed council have happily given permission to build.

Hope the lad makes a full recovery, but sadly he won’t be the last victim of more cars, dim led lighting and frustrated drivers, as Ryde is ruined, not for a while, but FOREVER

Don’t care

Be quiet you idiot


What! A teenager is seriously injured and you’re making it political.


I am the mum of the boy that got hit
Yes it is a very dangerous road,
But the driver was in no way to blame for this accident,my son didn’t see the car coming as it was parelel with one on the other side, the driver had no way of stopping any sooner than he did!!

S Atkins

My husband was there speaking to your son, we live across the road from you. We hope your son makes a full recovery soon. If there is anything we can do let us no.


Thank your husband so much, I don’t really remember who was there we are just so greatful for everyone’s help, he is doing well but will take a long recovery, but he’s strong and fit and will be desperate to get back to his icehockey he’s not the type of kid that sits in front of consols all day and watch TV !!


Hope he has a speedy recovery. And you are ok too


Thank you I am OK apart from can’t close my eyes without reliving it all again he’s getting there just in quite a bit of pain at mo, but sleeping a lot which is good x

Jasmine Jenkins

I hope Ian has a full recovery and is safe❤️cx

Sarah Lewis

My Son thinks he knows your Son (if he used to go to SBA). Wishing your boy a good and speedy recovery. Please shout if you need anything, even just a shoulder or and ear to lend xxx

Just a guy

I’m a mate at your son’s school he’s a very funny lad send the best to your whole family hope he recovers soon

Alice Sprengel

We’re all wishing you the best !! Hope you’re okay and come back soon

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