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An Islander’s passion for the arts and protecting the environment means rubbish is being turned into profit in aid of Sandown-based Blue Seas Protection and The Final Straw Solent in Emsworth.

Sally Potter from Seaview spends her days collecting unsightly rubbish from the Island’s beaches, directly benefiting the wildlife and marine life found around our coastline. She then uses the items found to create unique pieces of art.

But the idea of creating something beautiful out of rubbish has been taken a stage further. Profit from the artwork sold is now being donated to 2 environmental charities; Blue Seas Protection Charity in Sandown and The Final Straw Solent in Emsworth.

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Sally says:

“I have become much more aware of the damage we are doing to our environment. My family have nicknamed me the ‘rubbish’ artist as far as my environmental work is concerned!

“I want to use my artistic creations to raise as much awareness as possible amongst other people, whilst also raising funds for these 2 fantastic charities. Both charities are doing their best to help save our marine and bird life from all the plastic and rubbish in our oceans.

“It is thought that 90% of birds in the UK now have plastic in them? And by 2020 it is expected there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish”.

On a day-to-day basis Sally creates other pieces of art from sea glass and pebbles.

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You can find out more about Sally and her work at

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