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HM Coastguard have safely disposed of several large pieces of palm oil that were discovered on the beach at Sandown this afternoon (Saturday).

Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team were tasked at 12:23 to reports of palm oil discovered in at least 2 locations; on the beach opposite Sandown Zoo and beside the slipway at Yaverland.

A member of the public alerted the Coastguard to the find.

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Officers were soon on scene and quickly found the large pieces of palm oil before removing them from the beach.

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Dog eat need change carpets as loose bowl.

Mark Dunsford

The annoying thing about these this palm oil is that, like a lot of the other rubbish in the sea, it is dumped perfectly legally by ships in international waters.

In the case of palm oil, ships use large quantities to clean their tanks then just flush the contaminated oil into the sea to wash up on our beaches were dogs and other animals become ill from eating it.

Lynne Guertin

Our Dog Poppy ate some palm oil while we were at Small Hope beach Shanklin on Thursday. It was a tiny piece. We tried to get it off her but she had swallowed it. Poppy became so ill and had to be admitted to the pet hospital. We thought she was going to die but luckily has made a good recovery thanks to all the lovely vets and nurses at Lake and Newport. Surly these ships should not be allowed to dump the oil so close to the Island. I know there are restrictions but who is policing them.?


Yes, it is totally dangerous, but apparently totally “legal” to dump this awful stuff after cleaning ships’ tanks, until July 2021. So pleased Poppy is now ok.

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