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Around 60 residents gathered in Northwood Village Hall on Saturday (6th July) to raise concerns with Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely about the 165 new homes planned to be built in the village – as set out in the Island Planning Strategy (Island Plan).

The homes, earmarked for greenfield sites, are due to be constructed over the next 15 years along with over 9,000 other homes planned across the Island, including a further 813 homes planned for Cowes.

One of the areas earmarked for development is the controversial Kingswell Dairy site on Newport Road (south of the Horseshoe pub). An application for 66 homes on the green field was approved by the Isle of Wight Council Planning Committee in March.

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The application received objections from both Cowes Town Council and Northwood Parish Council and over 100 local residents. Concerns were also raised by Cowes Medical Centre, the Badger Trust and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

Objections were raised on the basis of poor access, increased volume of traffic, overdevelopment of the site, the closing of the green gap between Newport and Northwood, an over-subscribed primary school and insufficient capacity at Cowes Medical Centre.

Bob said:

“It was good to meet with the residents of Northwood and hear their concerns about the Island Plan.

“These houses will take away more of our beautiful green landscape and the majority of them are not suitable for Islanders.

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“The legitimate concerns of the Northwood community will be echoed by similar communities all over the Island if the Island Plan is approved in its current form.”

Bob is encouraging residents to sign his petition and raise concerns with their local councillor. Bob is attending further meetings in, East Cowes, Ryde, Nettlestone and Seaview and Wroxall and welcomes invitations from other Island towns and villages wishing to discuss the proposals.

The survey and petition against the housing targets can be found at


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Building houses is one thing,filling them with junkies and drunks from the mainland is another. This is a problem that the Island is facing on too big a scale of late and is ruining every area that there is. As far as the question goes as to them being purchased, who wants to buy one with a lifelong mortgage in live amongst such suroundings. The Island has plenty of choice of homes for ordinary who wish to by them

none given
none given

yet another bunch of clowns trying to endlessly concrete over the island. 9000 homes, over 15 years – say minimum of two per home. That is another 18000 people living on the island. An increase of about 15% to the islands population. Where are the new roads, schools. Dr’s, Dentists, Hospital facilities, sewage treatment, freshwater provision, waste recycling and landfill coming from then?

Are these councillors really that dense.

They complain about climate change and pollution, yet they cut down trees that take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, concrete over grassland and other natural drainage routes that disperse heavy rainfalls and allow more people, more cars and subsequently more waste and more pollution to be created.

Then they demand that something be done about climate change.

Stop building houses, plant more trees, create more areas of natural life instead of concrete and roads and cut down on the number of people living here. Then we will have less pollution, cleaner air and a cleaner environment.


Someone is encouraging folk to relocate to the Island… sign seen up near Manchester recently … advertising living on the Island under social housing – is this why all this housing is needed?
There is not sufficient infrastructure, not enough health care facilities etc etc… so why encourage people to relocate here just to draw dole and add to the crime figures? I think the answer lies in pushing the problem somewhere else.

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