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Non-essential high street shops and department stores across the Isle of Wight will be able to re-open from 15th June if they are ‘COVID secure’, the Prime Minister has announced tonight (Bank Holiday Monday).

The good news was announced by Boris Johnson during the daily Downing Street press conference, with more detailed information set to be released in due course.

Shops allowed to re-open include those selling clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, books and electronics, plus tailors, auction houses and photography studios. This applies to department stores right through to small, independent shops.

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It has also been confirmed that car showrooms and outdoor markets will be able to re-open from next Monday (1st June).

The re-openings are subject to individual businesses ensuring that they are COVID secure and can ensure customers will be kept safe. Social distancing must remain.

Today’s news comes just 24 hours after it was announced schools will re-open from Monday 1st June for Year R, 1 and 6 students.

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Great ! Back to work then . As a semi retired part timer, mixed feelings

Mrs C

Me too.


Don’t worry, you are expendable.


As am I, and I have been working since it all kicked off.


You can now travel 250 miles to see family apparently


As long as it involves a visit to a castle


please move on

Dave Manning

About time !!!
Let’s get back to normality at long last

John doe

Finally. About time.

sue greenwood

So you will be able to go clothes shopping but can’t meet up with your own family where’s the logic in that.


It’s easy, just say you are isolating and you can go anywhere you like. If it’s a half hour journey you don’t even need symptoms, just say you’re testing your eyesight.


If Mr Cummins had been stopped by the police on his little jaunt, how would the conversation have played out? Ello Ello Ello what have we got here, please sir will you step out of the vehicle. What’s your name? Cummins, Domonic Cummins. Occifer says, Are you not the chief political advisor to the Prime Minister based in Westminster? Yes I am occifer, Well what brings you all the way up here 260 miles from your home during this period of lockdown? Are you on official essential business? I’m sorry occifer for all the Cummins and goings, I just wanted… Read more »

Black Jack

You can meet up with your family.You phone them arrange a place to meet.go there stay 2mtrs apart .Job done. Join everybody else doing the same thing.

Islander too

There’s no doubt about it, this virus has devastated the whole world and caused so much heartbreak everywhere. But, sometime the world has got to try and get back to at least a type of normal. The government hasn’t got an endless pot of money to be shoring people up. If shops and businesses don’t open so many places will be ghost towns of boarded up buildings. We can’t be running scared forever. People can’t be under threat of losing their jobs, businesses and maybe their homes and the mental anguish it’s probably causing so many of them. We haven’t… Read more »


I Couldn’t agree more. I run a shop in Ryde, and can’t wait to get back, with the right safeguards in place. Until a 100% vaccine is developed, which may never happen, we just have to learn to live with it. Obviously vulnerable groups of people, or the elderly who are more at risk should shield themselves if they feel that’s the right thing to do. But for businesses large and small, we need to kick start the economy. If everything stays closed for another couple of months, how is that any safer than re-opening sooner?

Blind leading the blind

Seems like Cummings is the real prime minister with his hand up Boris the puppet

Bus user

I’m surprised that Ralph’s Health Foods Store AKA Crockshop had notice up saying closed until further notice. I would have thought that it would be seen as an essential shop, seeing as it sells food and health related products?

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