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Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely is urging Islanders to complete the Isle of Wight Council’s Housing Needs Survey 2020 – because it will provide evidence to assist with his campaign to reduce the 10,000 homes target for the Island over the next 14 years.

The survey – which is open until 16th February at – asks residents about their current housing situation and their housing requirements for the next 5 years. The survey will not only determine whether the existing housing available is suitable for resident’s changing needs, but also what kind of housing people need and whether they can afford it.

Bob said:

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“There continues to be significant concern expressed by residents about the number, type and location of homes being planned for the Island.

“Its important Islanders complete the Housing Needs Survey because this will provide evidence to put in front of the Government to make our case for a lower, more realistic, housing target.

“The council can also use this information to influence the outcomes of any new proposed developments and ensure that future housing provision reflects what residents actually need, where they need it.”

The MP has said he will be raising the issue of the Island’s housing targets with the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Bob is also continuing with his survey and petition against the current Island Plan – which has received over 6,700 responses and can be found at

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A housing survey is fine but it completely misses the far more essential issue in that whatever the housing requirements really are the extra infrastructure obviously required must be provided in parallel, especially healthcare.


Can’t see any point to this survey. It does not ask any relevant questions regarding the needs of doctors, hospitals, schools, etc. It merely wants to know where you live, what do you live in and do you pay any rent or mortgage

Az-zahra Aziz

Rubbish. The Council will do whatever benefits financially ‘them’ first. They never listen to the Public or even the Parish Councils, as was witnessed in Ryde, when Penny Feathers development was strongly opposed by the public, and unanimously opposed by Ryde Parish council. If per chance, the public’s opinion ‘coincides’ with the councils wishes, then they will ‘pretend’ to have ‘acted’ on our behalf. Too much corruption imo. Have witnessed first hand these ‘housing surveys’ and it will make no difference in the real commercial greed world. Save your time, ink, and getting wet going to the post box imo


The questions on the survey suggest that Bob Seely is in favour of protecting the Isle of Wight from excessive, unnecessary house building. However, history shows that he’s just a conservative ‘Yes Man’ & will vote for what ever he’s told to by his corrupt leaders. if it ever came to a vote in parliment on whether to reduce the hose building quota on the IoW (and the party line was not to),.. he’d vote not to and as our useless council is majority conservative,.. well they all sing from the same hymn sheet, so he’s not going to oppose… Read more »


It is certainly an odd survey, as it asks what is “on the ground” now, not what is “needed” in the future. Waste of time, but please do it – if it gives our MP more ammunition to curtail this building madness on the Island.


So let me get this straight, our MP Bob Seely , the person who listens to everything we say & tries his best to help the islanders in any way he can, wants us to do something for him!!! Yeh right! Well swings & roundabouts come to mind. There is a saying Bob, “you scratch my back & I’ll scratch yours” well let’s see; what exactly have you done for us, the people who live here & love this island? Sweet FA! The only reason you want us to do something is if your wallet or your family benefit from… Read more »

Carl Feeney

The Councils IOW Transport Infrastructure Taskforce spent £thousands on a study to seek the future infrastructure requirements for the island. It was an Independent and exhaustive study by Chris Garnett OBE. The study results have been not only ignored by Bob Seely … but OBSTRUCTED by him because he does not agree with those results. The results concluded that the IOW Council must implement a fixed link feasibility study ASAP. Since then… Mr Seely has done everything to thwart it. He is protecting the ferry companies that protect his tenure as MP. 10,000 more houses = at least 20,000 extra… Read more »

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