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A Yamaha motorcycle has been stolen from outside an address in East Cowes this morning (Thursday).

Islanders are being asked to keep an eye out for the Yamaha YZR R125 – registration HV62 AEA.

The motorcycle was parked up on Adelaide Grove near to the former Frank James Hospital when an individual, dressed all in black and without a helmet, stole it.

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The rightful owner of the Yamaha nearly apprehended the individual, but they got away.

Anyone with information relating to the whereabouts of this motorcycle should contact Police on 101.

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Brian Peters

Any description of who

Sheena warder

What part of “al! in black & without a helmet”did you miss Brian??


It does say without a helmet so that could mean the guy got a description of the guys face so really what Brian asked was correct


He had his hood up obviously if I’ve seen the face I would describe it or I would no and I wouldn’t be putting a post


Perhaps he’ll ride into a tree and break both his wrists.

Someone with morals

Yet again Foggy and his nasty coments Hes said 3 helicopters was a waste of money trying to help a child fallen off a cliff Now saying he hopes someone rides into a tree and breaks his wrists Who ever took the bike shouldnt of taken it You wishing someone get hurt after you say 3 helicopters was burning money I just hope none of your family dont ever get hurt or do anything wrong Im sure you wont say its a waste of time or money


So the engine must of been running for someone to steal it and get away….lesson there is never leave your bike unattended with the engine running!!


Eh? What a crock of crap you’re talking


No lol the engine wasnt left running I was driving past in a friends car and seen the matey trying to get it started by the time I run over he drove off

Let justice be done

If an accurate time can be published then maybe people with dash cams could help Also any news on the route he took may help .


930 in the morning it was taken

kindergarten flop.

Unfortunately the bike could be in bits by now. Sad but true. Total scum

West Wighter

NO Fixed link, it’ll only get worse!
I hope they find the scum, deserve what they get.


It will happen…. one day
I expect bone was loaded into van and on the next boat.


I doubt it, not a professional job at all, you are not going to make an awful lot off a 125cc bike!


Exactly that some little brave twat who’s gonna get a slap

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