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Firefighters have extinguished a suspicious motorcycle fire in Ryde this morning (Wednesday). 

1 appliance from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service was mobilised to the area of Pig Leg Lane shortly before 06:30 following reports of a vehicle ablaze.

It is known that the red Honda Rebel motorcycle – owned by a local woman – was stolen overnight. Sadly, the bike has been severely damaged by the act of arson.

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This latest incident comes just 6 weeks after another motorcycle was stolen and torched in the same area, between Swanmore and Oakfield.

Back in July, 2 motorcycles were stolen and set alight in Binstead on the outskirts of Ryde.

Anyone with information should contact Police on 101.

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If this is the bike I think it is the owner used it to get to work. You’re a knob Martin to suggest anything else!

Tasha D

Yes I used it to get to work at st Mary’s. just got here 3 hours late. That was a classic bike I spent hours maintaining every week. Devastated.


Sad people having to damage and destroy other peoples belongings I hope the person is able to get hold of another bike soon.


Yeah and they’ll pay a nice fat premium on there insurance, such a shame a personal possession can be another’s destruction after theft joy.

I’ve had 3 fully loaded with tools vehicles stolen and know what it makes you feel like the moment realisation sets in and you know it’s not where you left it.

Then you pay the premium to have it replaced.


Excuse me.. that’s my mothers bike you’re on about. We were absolutely devastated when we woke up this morning and found it missing. We were even more so when we found it smouldering over the fields near mine.

Don’t be a prick

Yours sincerely,



Ignore the knob, Looks like the rear wheel is missing , was it a targeted theft for parts?


Hold on, smart phone image now has rear wheel sorry my mistake.

r bet

you need to go to Specsavers


When caught let the owner of bike set fire to their Xbox or designer clothing/trainer’s or something else.


Nah…a good old fashion public lashing !
50 should do it…will provide some light entertainment aswell, after all we seem to be in short supply of that !

Jon Snow

This ain’t the 1800s mate

Jon Snow

Can’t people seen this comments just sarcasm

Tim C

Little scumbags, should be forced to pay back every last penny including the insurance premiums and get publicly shamed and punished.


Based on the image, it wasn’t stolen for parts or to sell on so, joy riding or Possibly stolen by someone who was fed up with the racket these bikes make – especially early morning or at night.


My mothers bike was quite as it was original. Almost a classic bike. She was a very sensible rider. It wasn’t stolen for parts. They literally wheeled it about a minutes worth from our house and set it on fire.


Well Done Joel speaking out in defence of your Mum. She is the blameless victim after all and not the offender. The individual who choose to steal her bike and burn it will in due course find that what goes round comes round.


Hi whereabouts was it stolen from please


Shame it was one that belonged to a decent person, and not the scumbag who drives around in Ryde constantly roaring and revving and loudly popping, at any hour they see fit. People like that should not be allowed to own bikes.

Grumpy old git

There is a tosser with a Subaru near me that does the same. Why he has to run the engine so long before he drives off (loudly) I do not know, and when he gets back he runs it for ages again.. Get a decent car like a Skoda, start the engine and drive off straight away, no faffing about.


someone might steal it and burn it – it has been done before when people have been asked not to make so much noise with a motorbike or car and taken no notice whatsoever.
not saying that this has happened with this womans bike – but it does happen when arrogant people think they can ignore others rights to peace and quiet.

Kathy Ingraham

Someone rides a motor bike down the FOOTPATH from Great Preston rd, which links up with pig lane, and, last evening it happened again just after 6 o’clock   NOT saying it was one and the same, and have contacted the Council, to ask them to refit barriers which used to prevent this dangerous action as children, dogs etc use this short cut to Ashey road as I do to go home from work.   Perhaps others walking may have seen it, as it roared off too far ahead so saw no details myself.   So come on council, get… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by Kathy Ingraham
Old bean

Sad scum people out there


Good lads taught you well

Certa Cito

Such a shame that a decent person has to suffer just so some scumbag can get his 10 minute adrenaline fix. I would expect the perpetrator (s) to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist in this now ‘soft state’ we live in. To whoever owned the bike I hope you are able to get a replacement soon.

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