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A motorbike and a scooter have been destroyed by fire following a suspicious incident in Binstead overnight.

1 appliance from Ryde Fire Station was mobilised at 00:30 to the footpath R112 off Hillrise Avenue.

Firefighters discovered the 2 vehicles ablaze at the bottom of an embankment on the banks of the brook.

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1 hose reel was used to tackle the fire, which was extinguished by 00:55.

Police have been made aware of the incident. The bikes remain in-situ.

It was a busy night for Ryde’s retained crew with no less than 4 separate incidents attended.

The first shout came in at 20:29 following reports of youths lighting fires near to Ryde Harbour. On arrival, firefighters found nothing but ash left from cardboard boxes. Advice was given to youths in the area.

At 23:44, the pump was turned out again by fire control but this time to assist the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service in gaining entry to a property on Castle Street. Entry was successfully gained and the occupant was left in the hands of paramedics.

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After attending the motorcycle fire in Binstead, the retained firefighters were mobilised again at 01:35 to assist the ambulance service with extricating a patient from a property in George Street.

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Hilarious,,,,, ‘it was a busy night’ it just shows the disparity between Fire and Ambulance. 4 jobs in one night for the fire service is busy. The Ambulance service would love to get 4 jobs in a single night. They are looking at ten times that amount of jobs in a ‘busy’ night. The sad part is they have a longer working life too.

Magical mag

Myself and others are gratefull for all our emergency services, no matter Brian how many jobs they do ,thank you for all that they do


Well as someone who works for the emergency services, I thank you.

Dave Higgins

The difference between ambulance service and retained fire service is Brian the ambulance service is their job, they do for a living and go home after finishing their duties. The retained firefighter are called away from their full time jobs or leasure time to attend these incidents. These incidents are above their normal work lifes. So be a bit more appreciative and less dismissive of their work!

Dave Knight

Poor old Brian made some wrong choices in his life by the sounds of it!


All our emergency services hero’s all ways there when you need them day or night

When will they learn

What is wrong with these idiots. Hopefully they will be caught. I assume the bikes were stolen and then burned.
The criminals are ruining the lives of others and above all their own. They are on a path to a future of crime and anti-social behaviour and probably prison. What a future.
Well done firefighters.
Hope the police track the criminals down and they get punished enough to make them reflect on their stupidity.


– More feral youth running amock unchecked. Most seem to be on drugs, wherever they are, whether driving, riding, or on the street. One can smell the pungent weed in every part of the island these days; they go around openly with it. — It’s out of control now and spoiling life for decent citizens, making it even more difficult for parents to bring up their offspring to become respectable contributers to society.. If you moved here, from the mainland, because you thought it would be a good place to bring up your children, away from the big cities –… Read more »

Sue Evans

Not very sensible thing to say, deterring decent people from the mainland in search of a better life. These are the sorts we want here, aren’t they?!

Bob Frapples

I’d like to see all motorbikes this way


All motorbikes? These may be a person’s only form of transport. I know the owner of the scooter. He is a hard working, decent individual who had his scooter stolen and destroyed, That action cannot he justified. It seems we need more patrols, for our own safety and security. The idiots/feral beings are everywhere.


…’more patrols’ Sarah – you’ll be lucky !!


Ha ha, it would be a lot quieter without them for sure…
They seem to have become a tool in the hands of the yobs to create noise and disturbance (after their exhausts have been bored out) as they tare around neighborhoods at high speed…continual ongoing problem..


It’s high time this country started handing out tough punishment to the likes of these morons, and the rest of the scum.

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