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54-year-old David Rumalshah has been charged with arson following a bedroom fire at Travelodge in Newport at the weekend.

Police have been investigating the circumstances of the incident, which saw multiple fire crews rush to Lugley Street on Sunday afternoon.

Mr Rumalshah, who was taken to hospital after the fire, has been charged with 1 count of arson and appeared before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court this morning (Tuesday).

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He did not enter a plea and the case has been adjourned to the Isle of Wight Crown Court on 24th February 2020.

David Rumalshah, of no fixed abode, has been remanded in custody.

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Az-zahra Aziz

Great local name. Just sometimes I wonder if enrichment has been as successful as those who allow such thought it would be.

Billy Harrison

Yes, because none of you in-bred islanders would ever dream of setting fire to anything…You dumb racist!

none given

billy – virtue signalling here is not welcome either.

Billy Harrison

I apologise, none given.

Zack Zuck

Use your real name when commenting.
Bet you won’t

Zack Zuck

Why don’t we develop a prison system similar to Norway?
A state of near permanent isolation, 23 hours a day, for those who are the worst and most dangerous of society?
It would give people a serious understanding that this is not to be tolerated.
Eventually the mind would start thinking “I had better change who I am”
Give the prisoners the chance to read books, educate themselves properly and know full well that repeat offenders would suffer a longer sentence of being “grounded”

Old bean

What a prick


Az-zahra Aziz u must live such a fun filled life every time something happens, you have a comment to make and to be honest its normally a lot of rubbish, let’s hope people realise not everyone on the island has your opinions.

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