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L-R: Quality Manager Jo Payne with Sarah Greenwell and Branch Manager Claire Martin
Tara Colebrook

Tara Colebrook and Sarah Greenwell, home care workers at Carewatch Isle of Wight, have been presented with prestigious company ‘I Care’ Awards for going to great lengths to help the company continue to deliver excellence in care. 

The ‘I Care’ Awards recognise exceptional achievements across the Carewatch network. Competition was fierce, but Sarah and Tara stood apart from the rest.

Tara has worked for Carewatch for nearly 10 years. She proved herself a worthy winner by going above and beyond the normal call of duty during her care visits with service user Norma, who struggles with diabetes. When Norma was hospitalised due to her condition, Tara volunteered to take in her dog Coco who she regularly walks in her spare time.

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Tara also goes to the shops for Norma to make sure she has enough sugar-free foods. Whilst cleaning Norma’s house, Tara found old photos of Norma with her husband and children and hung these up for her. Tara was nominated by Norma’s granddaughter.

Tara says:

“It was lovely to be recognised for my efforts. When you take on this job, you are taking on the serious responsibility to provide care for people in need. I’m a mother of four and I apply the same care and love for my clients as I do for my family.”

Sarah has been a Carewatch carer for a year and a half. Nominated by a Carewatch quality officer, Sarah gave up 2 weeks of her annual leave to tailor a 24-hour care package to a lady with complex needs. She trained her fellow care workers to use the intricate PEG feeding system and supported them until they became confident to do so on their own.

Sarah commented:

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“I am delighted to win this award and would like to thank my fellow staff members at Carewatch Isle of Wight for their support and encouragement. We have a close team and balance one another’s strengths. The job is hugely rewarding and sometimes very challenging, so it is great to get this recognition.”

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