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39-year-old Jamie Mobley has been sent to prison for a period of 15 months following a crash in Upper Ventnor back in November.

Mobley, of no fixed abode, was driving a stolen VW Golf along Newport Road on the evening of 22nd November when he crashed into 2 parked cars, leaving a scene of carnage.

The known criminal was charged with and admitted to aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and criminal damage when he appeared before Magistrates. He was remanded in custody over the Christmas period and appeared before the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Friday.

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As well as being sent to prison for 15 months, Mobley has been banned from driving for 2 years and must pay a £149 victim surcharge.

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Another no fixed abode what a joke
Give all these crims a home and there will be no more crimes as it all ways seems to be of no fixed abodes


You’re way off the mark there…. Plenty of homeless people are good law abiding citizens.

None given

They only say no fixed abode when arrested as they do not want people knowing where they live. They all have an address…genuine homeless people have more pressing worries such as where to sleep, when are they going to eat next and will they be safe at night..robbing a car and joyriding it, isn’t high on the to do list when you genuinely live on the streets


You’re wrong. “no fixed abode” covers a lot of cases not just sleeping ruff. This person is a a criminal with or with out a place to live. It’s what he does and always does. All to do with the environment they were brought up in. To fix the creation of more criminals requires long term planning, someone politicians are not interested in doing. We should consider a long term solution where people like this are ‘controlled’ in a secure location.

none given

@Trainee Reporter.. you say..We should consider a long term solution where people like this are ‘controlled’ in a secure location. We currently have that solution – it is called a prison. You cannot stop the creation of criminals anymore than you can stop the tides. As you will know from history, there are plenty of people who have become wealthy by nefarious means, however, they did not stop their activities, just because they had a lot of money and possessions. It is about the way of life, the buzz of it and the “sticking two fingers up” at authority and… Read more »

Az-zahra Aziz

That will shock the car thieves to the core.
Now we certainly won’t have any more cars stolen, driven recklessly with this sort of sentence.

I can only hope, that it is those who pass such sentences who one day, have their loved ones crippled, by such drivers, ‘then’ and ONLY then will they ever take a different view.

This low life needs a spade across it’s spine, so it would be unable to wipe it’s own backside, let alone drive.

Zack Zuck

Then a life on disability benefits?

Richard Kenward

GOOD! Hope he and his kind reflects on his stupidity while costing taxpayers a fortune while inside.


Light sentence

John Franklin

The guys a waste of space! Lock him up and throw away the key!!!! Ugly little worm

Bob Frapples

I bet the driving ban doesn’t start after the prison sentence

Old bean

Be out in 7 months joke


Another joke sentence.

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