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Islanders are being urged to keep using the COVID-19 contact tracing app, which will see a big update released next week.

The app was released on the Isle of Wight to much fanfare, but things have gone somewhat quiet over the past week or 2.

Today it has been confirmed that there have been some issues with the app, but an update is expected to be issued for Apple and Android phone users next week.

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Dr Geraint Lewis, who is in charge of the development of the NHS COVID-19 app, has said:

“There have been issues over the past ten days with updating the app to reflect the recently announced new symptom of anosmia.

“These kinds of issues are all part of an early testing phase, and we want to thank the Isle of Wight community for their patience — resolving and learning from these issues now will lead to a more effective product when the app is released nationally.

“Thanks to the great feedback from residents we are now preparing a bigger update next week, rather than an interim update of one new symptom. Residents will test this updated version of the app before it is released nationally.

“Please keep using the app. It is an important part of the test and trace programme as it essentially gives you fast track access and alerts you to symptomatic contacts who you wouldn’t know about through standard contact tracing.

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“Islanders are currently the only people in the UK to have this access and continue to lead the way.”

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I know at least two people that were alerted they’d been near someone with symptoms and all the app told them to do was stay alert! Useless. It needs looking at for sure. And the more people that come over here the worse it will be as none of them will have it.

betty boo

waste of bloody time, like this government. shambolic.


What are you doing to fix that?


I quote from above ….
“Residents will test this updated version of the app before it is released nationally.”

Hang on a minute ! ! ! !
Boris has been saying a world beating APP is being released on the 1st June.

SO …. what the hell is going on ?

This is a typical example of what has been happening, they appear to not know what their 1 brain cell on the left side of their head is doing compared to the 1 brain cell on the right side.
But then, that’s just my point of view.


With major bullshit expected next week

mr justice

Lol ,why would anyone believe and use this rubbish?

Bob Frapples

So for this app to work the person with coronavirus has to be outside next to people, knowing they have symptoms, can someone tell if I’m getting it wrong


It will update to grab more of your data. It is a government app after all.


islanders are the only ones on the apps what a load of crap you can access from anywhere on the mainland


I cant even get the app on my phone…so it only helps those with more modern phones ////Do you think I could get a grant ?? I jest


I know more people that can’t use the app due to either software problems(phone too old) or a phone with no blue tooth that those that can use it.

mr justice

Don’t worry when it’s mandatory to have it like the vacation ,you will be sorted. I also suggest ,anyone over 55, that includes me, best get the end of life plan up to date.

Bob Frapples

So we get a holiday

mr justice

Don’t worry bobiow, they( liars,government) have already thought of people with out a smart phone. Wait for it, Bluetooth bracelet! Yep that will keep everyone tracked, oh I mean safe.b.s


Uninstalled it after two hours, kept going off and I hadn’t been out the house.

Dodgy joe

No thanks, I hear it drains the battery. In all seriousness this has to be the most worthless app of all time.


When i finally got mine to run, it had also turned on the GPS ! ! ! ! and as i can’t get a signal in certain areas of the island.. the phone was constantly searching for GPS and draining the battery. When GPS turned off, battery life was near to normal.


Deleted mine. No feedback from Govt. all the hype. Does it work? How many people contacted? if they want support it would be good to be kept informed


My phone tells me that the app has never transferred any data with the internet. Zero bytes sent or received. :-/


I am shielding I haven’t been out and no one has been here, so why do I need this app?

mr justice

Because they stay so, you will have no choice. Don’t think people have quite understood what this means to all our lives, NO CHOICE!

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