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The Prime Minister has announced a number of changes to the lockdown restrictions currently imposed on the country, including the ability for Islanders to see friends and family from Monday – albeit in a limited way.

With the number of new cases and daily deaths coming down, Boris Johnson has moved forward with the easing of lockdown in a controlled way.

This evening (Thursday) is has been confirmed that from Monday (1st June), 6 people will be able to meet outside – including in their own garden – provided those from different households observe social distancing rules.

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Primary school children will start to return to school from Monday (1st June), with car showrooms and outdoor markets also re-opening. Secondary school children in Years 10 and 12 are set to receive face-to-face contact time from 15th June.

Non-essential shops will be permitted to open once again from Monday 15th June – subject to the 5 tests laid out by the Government still being met.

Dentists will re-open from 8th June.

In sport, people will be able to play golf in groups of 4 from Monday and tennis can be played in doubles. Premier League football will resume on 17th June with the first games being Aston Villa v Sheffield Unit and Manchester City v Arsenal. Players and staff are being tested for coronavirus twice a week.

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Although socialising will be permitted within just days, Islanders should prevent seeing people from lots of different households in quick succession. In addition, friends and family are still not permitted to be inside the homes of others – unless it is to access the family garden.

Those who have been asked to shield for a 12 week period should continue to do so.

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Echo reader

Its over. And I don’t mean lockdown.
Be smart.
Be safe.


So we can all forgive and forget that his advisor broke the rules. This is all bullshit. One rule for one, oh let’s change the rules so people can forget, keep them happy, let them see friends and family now. If I let them do that I will get to stay in as PM. We will have a second spike, because everyone is just getting fed up now.

Joe Bloggs

Aren’t you going to have a go at Blackford, the leader of the SNP group in Parliament. He drove all the way up to Skye to stay in his holiday home which was definately not an essential trip. At least Cummings had a reasonable excuse in that he was taking his child to his parents to be looked after whilst his wife was sick and he was working long hours in Westminster.

John Gullible

I’d have a go at anyone who broke the simple rules. I’d especially be surprised if the person did all this whilst carrying the very virus we are trying not to spread.

There are different levels of stupid.


Let’s face it how many people have actually bothered to social distance. All I keep hearing is I can’t wait for the pubs to open again. Good grief if that’s all some people have to worry about, then they must have sad little lives.

Mark Cox

Pubs are a great British institution suzie the envy of the world. They are many things to many people. They are the heart of our community whether u like it or not. You can be a lad who enjoys having a few pints in his local after work, they can be a place for sports teams to chat over the match before going home to the wife, a place couples see as a safe place to have a first date, or even a place to meet the opposite sex should you wish to come out from behind the keyboard, a… Read more »


Cummings excuse somehow avoided the part where it was one of there birthdays. No he had 0 excuse. And told even worse shit like he was testing his eye sight on the road. Its laughable.


But he drove 30 miles to test his eyesight !!!

Egor the rotten

He should of tested his hearing


What about the Labour MP from Birmingham who went to a funeral with 100 mourners and the Labour MP Stephen Kinnock who drove to London to go to his fathers birthday or is because he’s a Tory

Wasp Star

Did they have the virus when they travelled? Goodness there’s a lot of Whataboutery on here.

Ivor Scrotum

I’ve been visiting that young ho across the island in Cows every week since this all started (and before) and I have not been stopped once! – Dom was just unlucky that these gits were out to get him!

Wasp Star

Ah yes. It’s all the media’s fault. Straight out of the Trump play book.

Martin Edmonds

Access the family? Do you mean garden? Penultimate paragraph.

Rachael Dedman

What if someone needs the toilet? Wear nappies or have an accident.


Announced on Sky News you can pop inside to use the loo

Liz Banks

If you listened, that question was asked. If you must use the toilet them you have to wash your hands (well, surely you would anyway) but then you MUST wipe down every surface that was touched! And don’t touch your face!

jon larner

ok wear nappies sound good theres nothing wrong with adults wearing nappies


Stephen Kinnock drove to London for his fathers Birthday another MP went to a funeral with 100 mourners both from Labour

John Gullible

Was this also whilst infected with a highly contagious virus? Asking for a friend..


When was either his wife or children or indeed himself diagnosed with COVID-19

June Flux

I have asthma and COPD and want to know when it’s safe to go back to work as I have been told by NHS to self isolate. Is it safe for me


Johnson said those shielding should continue to do so.

Ivor Scrotum

We don’t care!



Larry Cook

Yes, you will be fine with a mask and do not forget about the 5G network hazard – you need to get yourself a holographic nano-layer catalyser to protect yourself. You might also think of obtaining a reversible high tension inflatable plate lamp if going out in the evening (vital if really dark) – there is no substitute for the real thing! You might like to use stainless steel pre-vented translucent lightweight between the toe spacers so there is no build-up of debris there thus substantially reducing the risk of strollers foot! OOH NASTY! I also wear a light carpet… Read more »

Larry Cook

Yes, you will be fine with a mask and do not forget about the 5G network hazard – you need to get yourself a holographic nano-layer catalyser to protect yourself. You might also think of obtaining a reversible high tension inflatable plate lamp if going out in the evening (vital if really dark) – there is no substitute for the real thing! You might like to use stainless steel pre-vented translucent lightweight between the toe spacers so there is no build-up of debris there thus substantially reducing the risk of strollers foot! OOH NASTY! I also wear a light carpet… Read more »


Met 2 mingled families walking on the coastal path today. Couldn’t wait until monday.

Dave Manning

And!!!!!!! Get a life you busy body

Dodgy Joe

Wow, did you call the police?

Egor the rotten

Watch this space for a 2nd phase of cv and watch the death toll rise…..well done boris you idot

mr justice

I’m afraid you are the idiot not Boris ,he and his gronnies know exactly what they are doing. Pulling the wool over your sheep eyes. Though you can’t see it, and are so petrified of this virus (because they told you so) when you have your tracking app and your vaccine ( mandatory) your social distancing and wearing a mask, you will look back at your previous life and say ,what have we done! Perhaps we should have looked at the evidence a bit closer.


You haven’t got a clue, perhaps you should spend time on an intensive care ward.

mr justice

No one is allow at the hospital, even those poor people dying of cancer! But the nurses have time to make tik Tok vids! Yes there are people dying in intensive care, but what was their illness before they caught ,this flu virus. And don’t say it’s not because it’s been down graded to flu status ,but the liars ( government) don’t tell you,just put it on their website.

Dave Manning

I’ve been on the Covid ward for 3 weeks now I’m immune so happy days 🙂

Dave Manning

Pathetic !


On sky 2 mtr is advisory only, you can’t make these tossers up.


Um did I not just read that 38 islanders have now died of covid? Now I read go see your elderly parents. Am I missing something?


That was just in the Hospital the total today is 64


Yes you are, your own common sense, go see them but keep you distance!

Dave Manning

The virus has almost disappeared and the transmission rate is extremely low so the chances of it kicking off again is 2% facts from the scientists

mr justice

No they didn’t died OF covid! They died of other heath issues but happen to have covid in their blood. Let’s all see this for what it is shall we!?

Larry Cook

mr justice>
Nothing worse than being mowed down with a heath issue!


From what I’ve seen this last week, seems lots of people think this new rule was already the case. As for distancing, lol

Dodgy Joe

They are the smart, non brainwashed, ones. It’s pretty funny how idiots are being scared so much. Today I took a walk down the beach and sooó many people about, mingling, chatting, sunbathing, swimming… Good to see.


Until you get it, then they will suddenly be selfish idiots


Bad headline, many people will only take in the headline and ignore the ‘albeit’


Now the Thursday applause for the NHS staff and key workers appears to be over ……

How about on Tuesday at 8 pm doing a SLOW clap to show how disgusted you are at how this government appear to have mishandled the virus situation since January ???

mr justice

You may do a slow clap to show your disapproval, but you will still download the tracking app and follow and believe all the lies they tell you! Why!? Do you think the mps and adviser to the government believe their own lies? Course not, that’s why they are forever breaking the rules, they know the truth. They are taking the p.. out of us all, and most of you let them.


There aint a virus its fake news


It was secretly imported from the moon on China,s last space trip


Off you go then,

Islander too

We have got to start moving forward there are no if or buts about it. The whole country including the island will flatline. The world of commerce is fragile. The stock market can collapse overnight causing a major recession which will affect us all. I think this government had done a bloody good job. This virus hit like a nuclear bomb. It shot through like a tsunami. It’s all very well for people to be sitting on their laurels criticising, I challenge them to go and walk in their shoes. I can’t even begin to imagine the pressure they have… Read more »


You’d have thought that football would’ve taken the opportunity to look at the money they are paying out. It’s obscene the amount that managers and players are “earning”. It’s big business and not football really but the fans seem content to spend huge amounts on the latest strip or tickets. It’s the same in the music business, the top people are creaming off the big money. All the smaller clubs are struggling, just like the gigging musicians, I’m sure it would be better for everyone if the wealth was shared out better. As for so called “celebrities” and “influencers”…..they really… Read more »

So sad about so much.

So those of us whose mental health has actually improved because of the quieter times, have to see it all go downhill again now, once all the raucous types are out and about again as usual. Seems if you want to stink out the neighbourhood with barbecues and shatter the peace with noise, that is fine, but anyone who craves a quieter existence is frowned upon. Decent people don’t usually have a voice anywhere as they are too afraid of making a fuss and it is stressful to have to encounter all the hostility from all the aggressive types who… Read more »

mr justice

At the end of all this just ask yourself this, are you happy to say good bye to the life you have known, that’s it!

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