islandspeedwaystartFollowing on from last week’s announcement of the appointment of Hayley Stevens as the Islanders Social Media Officer, Barry Bishop and Martin Widman – the duo responsible for the plan to bring the ultra-exciting sport of speedway back to the Isle of Wight next year – have revealed this week that they have secured international sponsorship for that plan.

Cobra’s Garage Mahal in the American state of Florida, owned by lifelong British speedway fan Steve Luxton, have pledged their support to both the team and speedway school on the Island.

Steve is a quite a character in that he is a former American Gladiator having appeared in TV series across the pond as ‘Cobra’, and is well known within speedway circles for his love of the sport. His Garage Mahal premises in Florida is home to one of the largest speedway museums in the world.

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Steve said:

“Losing my home town track (Exeter) was very hard for me to take, so now I try to support the sport where I can and am also in the process of opening a track in Florida which has not seen speedway racing since the 70’s.

“I keep tuned into everything that’s happening within speedway in the UK and being able to bring back a track that has previously staged the sport is something I want to be a part of.

“Cobra’s Garage Mahal is recognised on both sides of the Atlantic and I want the brand to stand for young rider support and bringing tracks back, something Barry and Martin will achieve with Island speedway. Being part of this by supporting this project will help Island Speedway and Cobras Garage Mahal improve its brand recognition in this field.”

Cobras Garage Mahal is not new to supporting new ventures and has already helped Team USA get back in the World Team Cup and several young riders based in Devon.

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Announcing the news Barry Bishop of Island Speedway said:

“To have Steve as part of our international support family makes all of us at Island Speedway very proud indeed. Steve is a perfect example of someone who keeps very fit, loves speedway and life in general. He will be a great example to our riders as well as an asset to our club and I very much look forward to promoting Cobra’s Garage Mahal on the Island.”

With a new and exciting Islander’s website launch coming soon, alongside the setting up of social media outlets on both Facebook and Twitter having already being achieved, things are certainly moving along at pace in Barry and Martin’s determined bid to bring the speedway bikes back into action on the Isle of Wight.

Further updates and developments are expected to be announced soon at a Fans Forum, the full details of which will be released shortly.

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