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The essay is one of the fundamental building blocks of education and an important rite of passage for uni students across the U.K. Indeed, with the current pandemic pushing a growing amount of university work online, uni students across every major programme of study are writing more essays than ever before. This also means that students just like you are facing more academic writing problems than ever before. The more essays that you write, the more that you will be faced with challenges in creating essays of sufficient quality on increasingly tight deadlines. That’s why it’s vital to review the building blocks for writing an essay to ensure you start off on the right foot.

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Consider 7 Steps before Start Writing Your Essay

The most important part of academic essay writing is having a plan and following it step by step in a reasonable time. Students are often in a hurry, but it only makes the process slower and less efficient. Focus on the offered steps, make them a rigid part of your schedule, and very soon, you will see the result.  

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  • Read the question thoroughly. The most important step in writing an essay is knowing what you will write about. Every essay is different, which is why you need to be sure you are reviewing the question thoroughly and that you understand each and every part of the question. Additionally, be sure to review any associated grading rubrics. These rubrics include information about how your instructor will evaluate your work and how marks are awarded. By understanding the information in the rubric, you will have a thorough guide that you can use to write your essay and to ensure that you meet all of the evaluation criteria. If you find that you do not understand part of the question or the rubric, ask for clarification. It is better to ask for help early on before you write than to wait until you’re finished only to find you need to go back and write again.
  • Make friends with your library. Your university library is the most important research you’ll find to help you develop your essay. You need high quality research in your paper, and your university library’s online databases will give you access to peer-reviewed academic sources that are not available on the open web. Using these resources will give your paper the academic foundation it needs to go beyond the minimum expectations for academic writing to truly shine.
  • Consider using an essay service. If you aren’t comfortable turning your research into a fully developed academic essay, a professional online writing service can give you the help you need. A reliable, experienced writer from an essay writing service like or another company can show you exactly how to approach your topic and turn an essay question into a fully developed paper. With fast service and plagiarism-free results, you should feel free to consider this a shortcut for turning any essay question into a finished essay fast.
  • Develop a strong thesis statement. If you go forward writing your paper, your next step is to take what you’ve learned from your research and turn it into a thesis statement. After doing your research, decide what your paper will demonstrate or prove. When you have a strong idea of what your paper will conclude about your topic, state it succinctly, indicating the major lines of evidence that you will use to support your thesis.
  • Outline your essay. The next step is to outline your essay, including all of the major points you will make, as well as the transitions you will use between sections and the introduction and conclusion that will open and close your paper. Outlining can sometimes feel like a waste of time for some students because it doesn’t directly contribute to the final version of the paper, but the more time that you spend outlining the paper, the more quickly you can complete writing the essay. A thorough outline serves as a roadmap to your essay, doing the heavy lifting of erecting the framework that you will turn into a finished paper. When you know ahead of time what you need to cover in each paragraph, you will write much more quickly, and you will be less likely to have to lose time stopping for additional research or to reconsider your next steps.
  • Write the essay. Once you have a strong outline, you can begin the process of writing the essay. Since you already have your research, thesis, and outline complete, this part is simply fleshing out the work you’ve already done, expanding the outlining into a complete essay. 
  • Revise and proofread. The final step in the writing process is always to revise and proofread what you’ve written. No piece of writing is perfect after the first pass through. Each essay benefits from a careful review, rewrite, and revision to improve clarity, correct errors, and enhance the quality of the language used. Try to proofread twice, once for comprehension and the second time (after a break to refresh your mind) for mechanical errors.

Extra Tips for Students Under Pressure

When choosing a college or another educational progress, you probably had it all planned in your head — when you will study, rest, socialize or work on your own project. You have imagined that you may even have some side job to cover extra expenses. We bet that this plan didn’t work to its fullest. Unfortunately, modern students get under too much academic pressure with new courses, more extended assignments, creative writing, etc. There are three major rules to follow, not to fail. First, you need to plan your rest. By rest, we mean anything but browsing and Netflix binge-watching. Second, create a “support” group with your peers. It should not be too big, not to have small sub-groups inside, but it should be big enough for help and motivation. Third, don’t refuse to delegate some of your tasks. In time, you will understand that a significant part of academic assignments has nothing to do with your future career, and, sometimes, it is better to focus on social activities, personal projects or side work.

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