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Some 87% of UK internet users are now shopping online, but how do the English buy online compared to the Welsh, the Scots and the Northern Irish?

Several millions of online transactions made by users in 2017 have been analyzed by Picodi.com to find out how much money is being spent as per types of users’ devices, hottest months for e-shopping, most popular days of the week and even favorite time of the day.

When shopping online English users most often buy shoes, clotheshome and garden appliances and sports accessories – maybe in preparation for the gym? Food delivery is quite popular amongst desktop computer users, while goods for children are relatively often purchased using mobile devices.

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Desktop vs Mobile

English internet users are likely to choose mobile devices over the traditional desktop PCs or laptops – 50% of all the analysed transactions were made via smartphone. Almost 42% are purchases made using the computer, while tablet shopping is – unsurprisingly – only 8%.

Welsh online shoppers appear more confident using their mobiles with 52% of the analyzed transactions taking place via a smartphone. Just 32% of transactions were made using a computer but 16% on a tablet – twice as many transactions compared to the English.

For Scotland, smartphone transactions were as low as 41.3% whilst desktops were used in 41.8% of cases. Tablet use is still higher than England at 17%. Those shopping online in Northern Ireland used desktops 46% of the time, mobile 42% and tablets just over 12%.

Average Spend

With smartphones being used to shop online more and more it is no surprise that the average spend is £98 for the English, £88 for the Welsh, £84 for the Scots and £96 for the Northern Irish.

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When comparing months, the last quarter of the year is characterized by the highest shopping activity. This is no surprise with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and of course the mega Christmas spend. During November the average order value rises up to £110, almost doubling the previous 10-months average.

England takes second place when it comes to the amount of money being spent on online shopping, but the difference between the top spot Northern Ireland is only 20p. Scotland follows with a £3 difference (£69) and Wales closes the ranking with an average basket value of almost £62, which is £10 less than England’s.

  1. Northern Ireland – £71.92
  2. England – £71.72
  3. Scotland – £69.04
  4. Wales – £61.66

Popular times

Which day of the week is the most popular for online shopping amongst the English? Both groups – computers and smartphones users – choose Friday. The same can be said for the Scots. The Northern Irish prefer to shop on their desktops on a Sunday but much like the English, Fridays are top for mobile transactions. The Welsh also use their desktops most on a Sunday but buck the trend by buying the most on smartphones on a Thursday.

Did you know that almost 38% of daily online orders in England are made between 18:00 and midnight. 40% of orders are made during the same period in Scotland, 41% in Wales and a chart topping 47% in Northern Ireland.

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